Dual Dash Cam With Parking Mode



When we use our car, we need several core function to avoid loss:

1, in driving state, the responsibility of the accident. The main role is evidence for the accident to distinguish who is responsible and avoid blackmailed due to without evidence.

2, in the state of non-driving, the damage caused by accidental rubbing, crashing and artificial damage to the vehicle will be traced back to the process of occurrence, and the corresponding person shall be found to be responsible for the damage so as to reduce the loss.

3, if you can’t find a suitable parking position, you will leave for a period of time and you will be disobeyed the stop sticker, resulting in the loss of fine. 

dual dash cam with parking mode

If your new car was scratched in next day, you will feel very sad. Parking monitoring is a piece of dark at night, you can not see anything, so changed a car park guarded by someone, but you also feel terrifying. So it was decided to install a dual lens dash cam with 24 hours of full monitoring.

dual dash cam with parking mode

Common dash cam with parking monitoring function, the following problems are common: 

1. If you park in a bad light, especially at night, it is impossible to make a clear picture of the face of the driver through the window glass. 

2. If your dash cam record the front, if the side and the back will be scratched. What should I do? 

3, the vibration triggers the photograph, the delay is too many, moreover row the car this movement, the vibration is very small, can trigger the camera to be still a question.

The AZDOME GS65H dual lens dash cam, equipped with two high-definition cameras, features a Novatek 96655 chip and a sony imx323 sensor. Thanks to these hardware, the GS65H has the ability to shoot ultra high definition, even if the night light is not enough to clear the story. 

At the same time, because GS65H has two cameras, the front camera has a maximum wide angle of 150 °and the rear camera has a wide angle of 130 °, so it can monitor the situation around the vehicle in all directions. 

The GS65H dual lens dash cam also features a 2.4-inch LCD screen, the built-in polymer battery. So don't worry about power outages and stop recording. GS65H also has the functions of loop video recording, g sensor and so on. It is a very good performance dash cam.

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