Hidden Dash Cameras For Cars



When you have a traffic accident, you will find it wise to install a dash cam for your car. Having a dash cam on the car can not only restore what happened at that time but also prove your innocence. Some hidden dash cam also can monitor 24 hours, even you are not in the car. 

With the development of technology, we have seen that the dash cam size is smaller and smaller, which is easy to hide in your car, working with wifi and parking model, when it tests some object move, it will be touch and record. 

Most important is that the hidden dash cam doesn’t keep the outline of sight and it is not easily found. When some people damage your car, you can catch them easily. The hidden dash cam looks inconspicuous and the wiring is buried, which keep the beauty of your car. Because of this reasons, now hidden dash cam is more and more popular. 

But, with the widespread use of the dash cam, the number of the dash cam available become more and more, if you want to buy a new hidden dash am, what aspects do you have to choose from? Which hidden dash cam image is better quality. 

I am glad to tell you that we are here to organize some of the best-hidden dash cams on the market at the moment. Depending on your budget and needs, you can choose a hidden dash cam to your satisfaction.


hidden dash cameras for cars

This hidden dash cam has the full 1080p resolution, which means it can take high-quality HD video with more detail, like a licence plate, guidepost, and other driver appearance. Even in low light, it is also clear.

A305 dash cam also has built-in G-sensor, the feature will automatically start the emergency video mode to record the accident when there is a collision.besides, the lens angle can be adjusted, A305 with wifi function,wifi function allows you to download the video and picture anytime, anywhere, enjoy your driving better.

Because of a beautiful 2.45 inches screen, it is convenient to watch directly on the screen, you needn’t upload to a computer or check on the mobile phone. it is worth to buy and the price is proper, for $55.99 on Amazon


hidden dash cameras for cars

The Auto-Vox hidden dash cameras equipped with 1.5 inches LCD screen, so you can directly watch the video on the dash cam. The small machine looks like a part of the car, even it is installed on the windshield.

The 170-degree wide angle lens is a definite plus with the Auto-Vox, as is the fact that the Auto-Vox can be adjusted to film the road at the angle you desire by twisting a knob on the side to lift or lower the lens. While it may not be as completely hidden as the other dash cams on our list, the Auto-Vox is still an excellent choice at a great value.

How Does a Hidden Dash Camera Work?

The biggest advantage of hidden dash cam is that it can be installed behind the interior mirror when driving, your vision isn't affected.

Most are hardwired directly to the vehicle through the fuse box. This means that the dash camera does not have an internal battery. This is a great benefit to the consumer because it means the dash cam will turn on automatically when the car starts and will never fail due to extreme temperatures or battery malfunction.

If you prepare to buy a dash cam, it is best to give priority to hidden dash cam, which not only shoots the road, license plate and another object in front of your car but also doesn’t block your vision. 

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