1080p Full HD Dash Cam



FHD, also known as FULL HD, is called Full High definition. Generally, it refers to the screen can achieve the highest HD mode, which is1080P HD. At present, full HD is becoming more and more popular and has a tendency to replace 720P HD. This means that the resolution of the FHD screen can reach 1920 or 1080.

Amazon now has an AZDOME 1080p full HD dash cam A305. The A305 has a Navatek 96658 chip and a Sony sensor, 150 wide-angle and Nighthawk Vision technology (6 lanes of traffic in Full HD 1080P) provides important and perfect video and photo, even at night! Full-HD Video with Sony Exmor IMX323Creates a beautiful, vivid picture of the road ahead by honing in on the details that other cameras might miss using its built-in Sony IMX323 image sensor. A powerful sensor used to produce highly-detailed recordings during both day and night driving.

1080p full hd dash cam

In this fast rhythm society, traffic accidents involving motorbike, non-motor vehicles and pedestrians are often difficult to judge who is responsible. A recorder is enough to save you more than you need to pay for compensation and repairs. AZDOME dash cam is almost the most cost-effective on the market.

Not only is the clarity high, with the G-Sensor automatically store the hit video, so that the key content is protected, and through the WiFi mobile phone to view video content and share the key information captured by the recorder perspective. Responsible.

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