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According to the installation, Dashcam is divided into rear-view, ordinary and hidden type. Hidden dash cam allows your car to keep the ordinary style without redundant wire, display screen. In addition, it will not affect the driver's vision. The following is to introduce a few hidden dash cameras. 


Features: small and delicate, 4k resolution, hidden design

Video resolution is one of the most important deciding factors in purchasing a dash cam nowadays. Because if video quality isn’t high enough, you might not be able to use your footage in the case of an accident to prove you’re not to blame. A good dash cam has good resolution and clear video output, and Azdome seems to have taken this point into consideration and that’s why their latest Azdome GS63H comes with an ultra HD video resolution beyond your imagination.

The following video shows the GS63H 4K Car Camera Recording Test Day and Night 

Getting into the specs, we learn the Azdome GS63H will be equipped with the powerful Novatek96660 chip, built-in GPS and WiFi, 170°ultra wide angle, 2.4 inch compact LCD, a good mix of specs means a better multi-function experience, plus with 4k resolution, it is really hard not to like it. 

M05 Dual Hidden Dash Cam with GPS
Features: with a 3'' OLED touch screen,  front and rear camera 

M05 dash cam Designed with 3.0 inch OLED touch screen, The M05 allows you not to operate with pressing buttons anymore. It is specially designed to offer you effortless operation and optimal using feel. You are allowed to do all the operations with only one finger, such as navigate to the Menu settings, take a snapshot, lock video files manually or playback videos. 

hidden dash cam

All for simplifying the using way and enhancing the user experience. Mini exquisite shape but provides all the necessary features to secure your road trip. The upgraded Starlight sensor has an outstanding performance even at night. Once plugging in the car charger, easy operation and quick start will let you start driving confidently. Simple installation and operation will immediately make this dash cam becomes your loyal driving protector.

M05 dash cam featuring dual lenses with GPS, this dash camera ensures simultaneous recording front and rear, both in Full HD 1080P+720P. Records powerful evidence of an accident involving your vehicle that supports the facts in case of any road incident. And the GPS track means your location as well as your speed is recorded, the driving route can be viewed onap.

A305 Hidden Dash Cam

Features: FHD 1080P, 150°wide angle, 3M Hidden Mount

There is all kind of dash cam on the market, and the function of them are different. But every driver hopes to install a dash cam to avoid racketeers and avoid the risk of accident identification unclear. However, it also brings certain risk to their own cars, such as lithium battery explosion in the car under high temperature, cable spontaneous combustion, and other unpredictable potential dangers, and the installation of dash cam connect cigarette lighter, the exposed circuit will break the beauty of the car. 

Now I recommend a product AZDOME A305 dash cam that can solve problems, keeping the original beauty and without the risk of battery exposure. It uses for the special car, not only hidden installation but also keeping the original beauty of the car. So it can’t affect the drivers’ vision. It protects your safety by avoiding the risk of battery exposure. 

It will be a great choice if you want a dash cam with GPS function, hidden design, G-sensor, etc.

It will be a great choice if you want a dash cam with GPS function, hidden design, G-sensor, etc.At present, the price of A305 on Azdome store is $68.80.  

The following is A305 Dash Cam Unboxing Video:

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