Why Does The Dash Cam Always Turn Off?



I believe that many friends in the use of the dash cam, have encountered a problem that the dash cam will automatically turn off or automatically turn off after the car started during using. Today, I will analyze the reason for this problem. 

1, After the car turn, offs at 10 seconds, the dash cam automatically turn-offs, this situation is normal. When you use the dash cam as monitoring, you also turn off the automatically turn off function. 

2, the memory card of the dash cam crash. Due to the use of a long time, the memory card in repeated friction easily appears this problem. If appearing this situation, you only format the memory card on the computer. If it is a new memory card, it may cause incompatibility. 

3, the power is loose. Especially connected to the cigarette lighter, it is easy to appear the loose power. And then the dash cam will automatically get the power from the built-in battery. However its battery can use for a long time, so the dash cam will automatically turn off after a while. 

4, the problem is from fuse of cigarette. If it is directly from the cigarette lighter to take electricity, the interface is also loose, it may be the problem of cigarette fuse. Only consider replacing anther getting power method, to add a transformer to roof lamp. 

5, it is a common phenomenon that when the car starts, the dash cam will automatically turn off once, and the user process is normal. The easy solution is to plug the dash cam after the car start, you also can connect to the socket with a switch, or add a extend model. 

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