Where To Mount Dash Cam is The Best Place



The dash cam is a new product for car safety. The reason why it is so popular can be said that there are many traffic accident about moral in the road. Most of drivers have to record their driving process to protect their interests. But where is the best mount placement of dash cam. The article shows you where to mount dash cam

In general, the size of the dash cam is similar to cigarette case, so wherever the best night vision dash cam is installed on have a big influence for driving vision. However the different installation location of the dash cam will seriously affect the image effect. Today, I'll compare the different location of dash cam dashboard mount. 


After comparing, in order to protect our driving safety and bring dash cam’s biggest superiority, we recommend the best installation location for you and show the installing method. 

Different mount placement effect comparison

Although there is no dash cam for each car, the popularity of the dash cam is growing. We often see that most of dash cams are installed in the middle of the front windshield, which is simple and can’t affect driving vision. 

where to mount dash cam

Another installation is to install on the front windshield and near the interior mirror. If the product is small enough, it also is installed behind the interior mirror. This installation can widen the driving vision to a large extent so it can’t affect the driving safety. 

where to mount dash cam

Install near the interior mirror

where to mount dash cam

Screenshot from the center of the front windshield

where to mount dash cam

Screenshot close to the front windshield and interior mirror

From the above screenshot, we easily see which location is suitable for installing dash cam. Installing near the interior mirror can bring us wider vision, both sides of the car can be shot. When the car overtakes, the process can be recorded clearly. Next, I will provide the installation instruction for you.  

The dash cam best mount placement

Near the interior mirror and windshield is the best installation location of the dash cam, because it has a wider vision and doesn’t affect the driving vision. Next, I will introduce this installation method. 

where to mount dash cam

Using cable clips make wiring more beautiful 

where to mount dash cam1

Fix the dash cam, the charger can hang on the holder of the interior mirror 

where to mount dash cam2

The wire from the upper right corner of the front windshield to the lower right corner, Fix the cable on the corner with cable clips.

where to mount dash cam3


Fix the charger with cable clips

where to mount dash cam4

Installing achievement

The long charge cable is needed for convenient wiring to this installing location. If the cable is not long enough, only install the charger on the central front windshield, but it seems not beautiful and will affect the driving vision. 

In order to fix the charger, we usually use cable clips in wiring, the difference between the regular product and fake product is whether it has cable clips.  

When wiring to the right of the door, the user can wire the charger along with the lower of the windshield to the upper of the charger, also can wire through the right glove box to connect the charger, both methods can bring beauty for the car. With the help of the cable clips and long charger cable, we ensure the beauty of the car and install the dash cam on the best location. 

In this installing, we found that the length of the wiring cable of the dash cam is about 3 meters, so it is required the manufacturers that the dash cam not only has HD image and wide angle, but also the accessories should meet their needs. 

The dash cam is not installed anywhere after buying, if the location is not correct, it will affect the driving vision and bring hidden trouble to the driving safety. 

Finally, in fact, the dash cam is like buying car insurance, although the car insurance can’t always reflect the value, it will reduce the driver’s loss to the minimum in the event of an accident. The dash cam is like this, in the event of a traffic accident, it can provide the effective evidence for the judiciary to prove who is responsible. 

How to hide dash cam wires?

To hide the dash cam wires, the general method is to use the gap in the interior panel for wiring, or hardwire dash cam. Although different brands of cars, different models of cars, interior slightly different, but the method and principle of the hide dash cam wires.

Where to mount dash cam on windshield?

mount dash cam on the windshield or mounting dash cam on black dots on the windshield? If mount with suction cups, usually mount dash cam on the windshield. If mount dash cam with 3M glue, you can mounting dash cam on black dots on windshield, but before installation, it is best to wipe the installation placement with alcohol.

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