Dash Cam Not Turning on



Many drivers consulted me about why the dash cam fail to boot. When you encountered this problem, you don’t worry, first, you should make clear the reason, and them solve the problem. Today, I introduce four reasons and solutions for not booting.  

dash cam not turning on

Reasons for the failure to turn on the dash cam  

1, Most of the dash cam get power from the cigarette lighter, but the user doesn’t remove the plug when leaving the car. So when the car start next time, because voltage suddenly increases, the battery of the dash cam will be motivated the protection function, which caused the dash cam momentarily fail to start. This situation is common in some low-end dash cam, you generally press the reset key to solve. Some may be because the internal circuit board inverter capacitance capacity is too small, or there is leakage, go to some electronic repair shop for a few dollars can be replaced.

2, Because of the malfunction of the circuit, the main board of the dash cam is burned. In general, because of the modification of the circuit by friends themselves, but they don’t have professional knowledge so that the voltage is unstable in the process of using, which leads to the burning of the main board, if you smell of paste, it is confirmed. So you only choose to replace the dash cam, and the next installation as far as possible for professional to refit. 

3, Using the computer to charge the dash cam result the dash cam in the blurred screen so that it failed to boot. Because some dash cam only use special charge and the USB is to check the file. If the plug for a long time, the voltage is also unstable. And the big voltage of the front USB of the tablet computer, it is easy to appear this situation. 

4, The dash cam don’t be turned on at low temperature. But it can work normally after power for a few minutes, which is because some interior part of the battery can apply to the low temperature. 

Solution for the failure to turn on the dash cam  

1, Crash and no boot. Crash refers to the elimination of power problems in the case, and still keep this situation in no starting situation or not responding.

First, remove the SD card or TF card, confirm whether the dash cam can be turn on normally. If failure, press the “RESET” beside the machine and look whether the machine can be turned on normally. If removing the SD card, the dash cam work normally, the problem is caused by the memory card. So next, you can format the memory card, the problem also can be solved, you may change a new card. 

2, Confirm the dash cam don’t be turned on by the solution of the crash.

(1) check whether the power cable is normal, check whether the point light of charge is normal, check whether the point light of the dash cam is normal.

(2) Check whether the power button is normal, in general, press the power button, the working point light is light( blue).

(3) Remove the memory card, reset the machine, press the power button, check whether it works normally.

(4) If the problem also is solved, please connect to a local businessman. 

3, The machine automatically shut down in recording video.

The reason is that because of the amount of high-definition video data, but the memory is full and can’t continue to record video.

Solution: check whether turn on the circulating video, check the format of the file. Set the format of the video, as far as possible save the space. Please use the high-speed TF card that is divided into c4 or c6.

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