Dash Cam Not Loop Recording



Why does the dash cam not loop recording? Dash cam all can loop recording. If it can’t do that, there are many reason, check as follow:

  • Enter the machine setting, look whether the loop recording is off. If off, the machine may not loop recording.

  • Check whether the memory card is original. If the memory card is bought by yourself, confirm whether it is more than C4 regular original memory card. The low speed or fake card may result the machine isn’t loop recording.

  • Check whether the lock recording function is on. The machine can’t loop recording due to the larger lock recording file.

  • Check whether there are many locked video. Because the large number of the locked video will result that the machine can’t loop recording. Please delete these file.

  • Confirm whether there are anther file in the memory card. For example, use nonspecial card reader to read, some machine will write the file in it, so that the machine can’t loop recording. Please format the memory card on the machine.


How to set the loop recording of the dash cam?

There is no doubt that the dash can mainly record and save the video along your way. Just think, if all videos taken are saved in the dash cam, even if the video compression technology is mature, final sum is astronomical, how large special does it need? The loop recording of the dash cam completely solved the storage problem.how to set the loop recording of the dash cam? Next, i will introduce how to reasonable set the loop recording. 

Working principle of loop recording

Images and videos taken by the dash cam all are stored in the inset memory card. Videos are based on user settings, generally 1/3/5 minutes. When the memory card capacity is nearly full,.the dash cam automatically deletes the most previous video to record the least video. 

Common problem of loop recording

Many friends worry that loop recording will cover the video about the accident so that the evidence will not be used to obtain. In fact, there is no need to worry, loop recording is a software configuration, an algorithm. At present, most of the dash cam on the market once touch the G-sensor in the event of the accident, automatically entering a state of emergency, looking the video and separatelly saving to avoid being covered.

At present, the storage of the memory card is general 8G to 32G, 1080P/25fps video is about 900 MB each minute. 8G can recording 90 minutes video at average without emergency condition. If you want to record long time video, you can equips a 32G memory card( at present, support 32G to largest extent.

The occurring of loop recording solved the storage problem, so we don’t need to format dash cam memory card frequently or don’t use unlimited storage memory card, which can effectively reduce the costs of the dash cam. 

When the memory card is full, then dash cam can’t cover the previous video to record least video.

The season of often full store of memory card may the higher sensitivity of G-sensor. A slight shaking will touch the G-sensor so that the current video is locked and can’t be covered. For some time, the large among of locked video will occupy a large number of the storage. 


1, Reduce the sensitivity of G-sensor, in other words, set the G-sensor to a high level( in general, it is 6G to 8G, 6 to 8 gravimetric accelerations. The vehicle has only a large vibration to trigger the automatic locking of the current video to not be covered, so that the memory card will not be filled quickly.

2, Set the time of loop video to be shorter. For example, 3/5/10 minutes on the Lingdu dash cam can be chosen. It is recommended that set to the shortest, 3 minutes.

3, Base on the above two points, format dash cam memory card once over time. And how long is this “time”? make sure conditions on the road you run.

4, If you feel troublesome, you can turn off the G-sensor, you don’t worry about the full storage and be covered. In my opinion, even if it is off, it may not result the loss of the accident video. Because 32G/1080P can record several hours. It was almost impossible to keep the dash cam working for a few hours after the accident to cover the footage of the accident. 


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