Dual Dash Cam Reviews 2018



Whit the development of the market needs, front and rear lens dash cam launched by more and more merchants get more attention. Why? Mainly because 70% of the traffic accident is relative to rear-end collision. Most of the drivers noticed that the front lens can't record the rear condition, and can't provide evidence for rear-end collision, so they begin to buy a dual-lens dash cam, after all, the accident process can be the record to safeguard drivers interests. 

Today, according to the 2018 business channel sales and other aspects of the comprehensive data, collate the current network by the car most concerned about the three dual-lens dash cam, HP F860, AZDOME GS65H, GoSafe360.

HP F860

HP is a national well-known merchant with the good quality and effect. But its a few high price adopt to high-end consumers. HP dash cam with supper entertainment recording function is very popular. The main product is HP F860 that is a good effect in day and night and use stable. HP F860 is equipped with HP chip and 1920*1080p. 

As a nationally well-known brand, the brand value of HP is high, so the price is higher than the similar quality product. In order to absorb young people, HP does enough in entertainment to ensure the dash cam working normally and provide entertainment. But some users said that the dash cam is not a toy, there are potential problems disturbing drivers, and more practical improvements are needed.   


AZDOME is a rapid developing brand with its own R& D design team and the industry's top reliability testing laboratory, focusing on the introduction of technology and innovation. According to many users reputation, they thought that it is highly cost-effective and stable, after-sales service has protection. It has a good reputation just less than a year in the overseas market, we can see that AZDOME in terms of performance configuration and service is really worthy of recognition. 

dual dash cam reviews

AZDOME GS65H dash cam with small size, exquisite workmanship, high-end design and good material, AZDOME GS65H dash cam can see all detail in 2.4 inches screen. In hardware, AZDOME GS65H dash cam is equipped with NOVATEK 96655 chip and sony IMX 323 sensor, 150°wide angle, F1.8 and 64G to a large extent and 1080p + 720p. beyond these, GS65H has four IR light, when in dark, it will automatically turn on. AZDOME GS65H dash cam gives us amazing effect day and night. 

At present, the highest definition chip is Ambarella, but it support front and rear recording, so the NOVATEK 96655 chip is the highest definition up to 1080p. 


papgo cam, a product of Taibei Yanqing Technology Co., Ltd., quickly became a pioneer in the industry. But many consumers have reported that their brand's product is more expensive, and the appearance is not fashionable. 

The appearance of Gosafe360 is similar to a digital camera, although it is plastic whole black appearance, it has good in shaking. The big characteristic of  Gosafe360 is that it has2 sets of lenses, The machine has built-in cameras that support 1080P, while the rear view lens has a maximum 720p video.

In hardware, GOSAFE360 dash cam is equipped with 1080p ultra-high definition camera, 1920*100p, NOVATEK 96655 chip, 160° front wide angle and 120°rear wide angle.

All the dash cam isn't perfect, some are excellent in performance, but some are common. When in buying a dash cam, we don't only consider the price and brand, the low price is not low cost effective. We should overall consider, a good product will pay a good role in detail, we also consider the night vision, parking monitoring, wide angle and so on. 

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