Dash Cam Stops Recording



The dash cam suddenly can’t record, change another memory card to record, change back to not record, and the image is fixed, like taking photos. After formatted, it is also unable to use. What is the matter with it? Why?

The dash cam suddenly stopped recording. At the same time, the button of the machine can’t be used. I initially decided that the memory card was broken. I removed the card and restart, the button can be used. And I format the memory card on the computer and insert it in the dash cam, it reminds me to format. So it is normal until formatting again. 

After the dash cam electrify, why should we press the OK to record, rather than automatically recording?

It is caused by the setting of the dash cam. In general, the dash cam factory default is to turn on the machine and automatically start recording, but if you turn on the motion detection, then power on will not record, only detecting the active object will start recording. So this problem can be solved by motion detection off. If not, the problem is caused by the software of the dash cam. Need to reset the device. 

The dash cam on the car makes mistake and can’t record

The error of the memory card needs to be the format. It is noticed that format the dash cam on the dash cam, not on the computer, otherwise, it can be used normally. If not, change a new memory card. 

The reason for no recording

1, the full memory card

Solution: retain useful videos and format the memory card.

2, the wrong setting of the machine

Solution: restart or restore factory settings.

3, machine error

Solution: sent to the shop for repair

The no recording is the problem of TF card in general. The dash cam should use the high-speed card, above Class 10 is a high-speed card, Class 6 or Class 4 is a low-speed card. I Suggest change a card to try. 

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