Dash Cam Troubleshooting



The dash cam has been quite popular now, but many friends will encounter some problem in use. The following is a summary of some common dash cam system failures and solution. 

1,Crash, not booting: crash refers to the elimination of power problem, the machine does not start the situation or the machine does not respond after starting and keep in a certain state. 


  • Remove the SD or TF card, press power and confirm whether it can be a boot.

  • If not, find the “RESET” on the machine and press it to reset the machine. Then check whether the machine can work normally.

  • If the machine works normally, the problem is caused by the memory card. Next please format dash cam memory card.

  • Insert the memory card, if this is the case, it is recommended that you replace a memory card. 

2,Auto stop in the recording. The reason is that the large size of HD video is filled storage so it can't continue to record.


  • Check whether the loop recording of machine is on

  • Check the layout of the video. Set the video layout to save storage.

  • Please use a high-speed TF card compatible with SDHC, which will have a C4 or C6 logo. 

3,Not smooth or skip frame: the reason is occurring an error in saving the video or the quality of the memory card.


  • Format SD or TF card

  • Check whether your card is fake, if it is, changes Kingston regular card. 

4,Blurred videos. The reason is that the lens or the front windshield is dirty

Solution: clean the lens. 

5,The image taken was black or bright. The reason is that the large contrast scene affects the automatic exposure of the machine. 

6,On the rainy day or indoor, the image is not perfect.

Solution: adjust white balance

7,The interference of transverse stripes is due to the wrong light source frequency.

Solution: according to local power supply frequency, set correspondingly 50Hz or 60Hz. 

8,Noise is caused by low power

Solution: use the dash cam with sufficient power. 

9,Playing the video is not smooth on the computer. This may be due to the incompatibility of the card or a problem in the format of the player.


  • Recommended change player to play

  • Change a high-speed card after formatting

10,After power on, indicator lights of car charger and dash cam are on, but not boot. The reason is the car charger mismatch.

Solution: replace the original car charge provided by the manufacturer.

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