HS790B Streaming Video Mirror Dash Cam



Streaming video is the screen with a mirror. His main function is to output the rear image on the streaming video mirror through the rear camera to ensure our driving safety. As a basic streaming video mirror, it must require high fidelity, low delay, long life, and focus. For safe use, the delay of human eye is 200ms, in other words, we can see the content before200ms, so the streaming video mirror should do the delay within 200ms. Of course, the delay is small, the image is truer and our driving is safer. 

Streaming VideoTechnical Requirement

1, Streaming video mirror must be 3 times the vision of the traditional rear-view mirror. The bigger will bring dizziness, the smaller will bring blind area.

2, It must have headlight suppression ability, if the headlight directly shines on our streaming video mirror, it also can’t have the red eye and the dizziness phenomenon.

3, It must have WDR, which will remain soft and not be dazzling in all image

4, We can also see clearly the real picture on the path of low light

5, It must adopt the soft light display screen, guarantees the long time to turn on the machine also isn’t dazzling.

6, The lens can also shoot clearly in rain or fog and can be imaged in any environment.

7, The image is not distorted

8, Full-screen display.

9, It can’t add entertainment to affect driving safety.

Do you know the three hidden dangers of the traditional rear-view mirror, which are endangering the safety of drivers?

Streaming Video Mirror dash cam

  • The blind area of the rear vision is too large to be seen.

  • Bad weather, blurry rear-view.

  • Driving at night with a bright light.

Streaming Video Mirror dash cam

1, your rear vision is blocked by people or pillows and other things in reverse. Once you can not see the real situation, it is more troublesome and dangerous.

2, installing streaming video mirror in the rear camera lamp, it can display the real-time road condition on the rear-view mirror through the external camera.

Three Times Vision

Streaming Video Mirror dash cam

Traditional rear-view mirror only has 18 degrees to 20-degree wide angle, but HS790B streaming video mirror use 80-degree human eye primary view lens, which has increased three times visual.

30ms Delay, 60fps Smooth Playing

The key of the streaming video mirror is the low delay. HS790B use LVDS streaming video output technology, low 30ms, and 60 fps is lower than the human eye response speed, smooth without drag.

At the same speed and time, the lower delay has higher synchronization rate. The higher frame is the higher the fluency.

Without Fear of All Kinds of Bad Environment

The LENS of HS790B streaming video mirror adopts multi-layer special coating technology. It has the function of self-cleaning of lens and image correction and automatically removes the sundries such as rain, snow, water, dust and so on. You can clearly see the rear driving condition in the night, rain and fog, dust and other environments 


WDR can be a good solution to the contrast of the light source, automatically adjust the brightness and dark picture. The processing range is up to 100 dB, far exceeding 60 dB of the normal dash cam / Cloud Mirror. It will also automatically process and suppress the reflection of the screen to ensure the safety of drivers.

Double Protection To Against Glare

Compared to the Cadillac CT6 rear-view mirror, the HS790B streaming video mirror automatically prevents dazzling and automatically softens the light displayed in the rear-view mirror to ensure to protect our eyesight. At the same time, it supports manual anti-dizziness, only pull wrench can refraction headlight strong light. Any condition can be seen clearly.

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