Dash Cam Recording While Parked



Now the dash cam almost become a standard for cars. In order to prevent racketeers and scratching and protect our legitimate rights and interests, more and more drivers choose to install a dash cam. But more drivers confused whether the dash cam continuously work while the car shutdown.

Before giving an answer for you, I first introduce the wiring of the dash cam. There are three methods for wiring, first, connect to the cigarette lighter, second, buried cable, third, connect reading light. 

dash cam recording while parked

Usually buried cable and reading light keep electronic in long-term, so the dash cam also continuously work. If it connects to the cigarette lighter, when the car shutdown, relying on the built-in battery, it only can work half an hour. So how do the dash cam achieve to continuously work while the car shutdown? 

Method #1:bury cable or connect to reading light

Method #2: prepare a mobile power

Method #3: purchase a dash cam with long standby time and parking monitoring. 

If the dash cam with long standby time and parking monitoring, it also continuously monitors after the car shutdown. When in parking mode, the dash cam goes into a dormant state, amintaining the standby state of the machine at an ultra-low current of 0.6mA, only when the vehicle is accidentally activated. The G-sensor of the dash cam sensed the vibration, immediately started and recorded automatically and locked the video file for the moment. 

Notice: when there is no external power supply, emergency video save the image and lock files, then automatically shutdown. After connecting to external power, emergency video save and lock videos, then enter recording mode.

Of course, depending on built-in battery of the best budget dash cam, it can achieve to monitor for a long time, only in the event of the unexpected accident. 

Why does the dash cam on while the car shutdown?

The reason why the dash cam stop recording after the car shutdown basically is that the dash cam connect to the cigarette lighter. At this time, the dash cam is dead and stop recording. As long as the dash cam connects to the battery, the dash cam keeps electric. 

There are two methods for connecting to the navigator. First, use special navigator interface. This cable is not wrong. The second method is common, first, connect ACC, the machine on/off while the car on/off. Second, regular 12V electricity is used to save videos. According to your problem, the wrong is caused by the wrong connection. 

Why does the dash cam show power after the car shutdown?

1, Because a lot of dash cam comes with a battery

2, In general, the dash cam works with the battery of the car during the day, and when the car shutdown, the dash cam will stop working. Although a lot of dash cam has a built-in battery, some battery can be on standby for up to four to five hours, while some batteries can only work for half an hour. So the dash cam will continue to work during the day, but the power will be limited at night. 

Does the dash cam work normal while the car shutdown?

It depends on how you connect the dash cam. If the positive pole of the dash cam connect is controlled by an electric fire, it can’t work normally while the car shutdown. It is recommended that the dash cam is controlled by an electric fire, because the battery is not easy to lose power.


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