How to Choose A Car DVR Camera



There are various types of car DVR camera, such as high-speed, large storage, big compression ratio, high definition and so on. So how do we select a car DVR camera? Next, i am going to introduce the selection skill of the car DVR camera. 

According to the recording rate, storage, clarity of the image, operation and other essential performance, you can distinguish the DVR between good or bad. But some people have some mistakes in this performance and pursuit a DVR with high speed, large storage, and high definition. In fact, these three performances are mutually restricted, it is impossible to require all three to achieve the best. And the simple operation of the machine is always focused on by people until installing. 

1, Recording speed

In fact, DVR all is 25fps/s or 50fps/s in real time, so that any advertising that promoted more than this range is impractical. If it records 16 images, so it may be 25/16 photos in per second or 50/16 photos in per second. When multiple lenses are recorded, some DVR uses advanced image displacement detection method to greatly proved the recording speed. However, it should be noted that the image displacement detection refers to the full picture of the camera with the image, rather than the part of each camera image that has the image displacement activity. Although the latter can also improve the speed of the recording, in European and American law, the image taken will not be presented as evidence. 

2, Storage and backups

The storage is also as large as possible, but the most important is to have an interface to connect to external digital storage devices to back up the image data. Only often back up the data to ensure the essential image to be saved. It isn’t unwise to keep images for several months on the machine. Once the machine is damaged, all data will be lost. 

3, Clarity of the image

The clarity of image directly reflects the quality of DVR. But for technical principle, the higher clarity has occupied a larger storage, so users should adjust the clarity depending on the practical condition. 

4, Simply operation

Whether the operation simply ultimately determines the adaptability of the product in practical applications. More and more users want their devices to be able to complete all function by pressing a single key. Many factories have neglected the overall quality of the electrical equipment used by users. They have designed their products with various functions and complicated operations, as a result, it is difficult to promote. Therefore, many factories are constantly improving their products to expand the share of the international market, such as the introduction of a human keyboard, simplify daily operation or add computer network interface and comply with the trend of network development.

The above is the selection skill of DVR, we still need to choose a suitable one for ourselves, depending on your needs. 

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