Dash Cam Not Recognizing SD Card



Today, i collated the video on the memory card and delete the previously unused video( i just delete the video, don’t remove any folders and other files), and then inset the machine, why does the machine always display “ please insert the SD card”.

There are two possibilities when dash cam says insert sd card, first, confirm whether the machine impend fault. Second, whether the memory card is formatted or the SD car port is the fault.

1, if your machine has a RESET button, press it to rest the machine.

2, after operating above step, the machine still can’t recognize the memory card, you should confirm whether your memory card is C10 high-speed card. If it isn’t, please change a C10 card.

3, if it keeps fault, it is recommended that you format the dash cam sd card on the computer, then format again on the memory card.

4, the memory card may not be plugged in, remove and insert again. If not, the SD card port may be broken.

According to the different storage, the memory card is divided into 64G, 32G, 16G, 8G, 6G, 4G, 2G. And the performance of TF card can be divided into the following four grades, different grades can meet different application requirements.

Class 2: it can meet our needs of watching the original MPEG4 MPEG2 video, SDTV, digital camera.

Class 4: it can play HDTV smoothly and use digital camera to continue shooting

Class 6: it can meet the requirements of SLR camera continuous shooting and professional equipment.

Class 10: meet the needs of high-speed.

The TF card of the dash cam is required more than Class 6. some more HD dash cam need more than Class 10

Is the dash cam easily broken when removing the memory card or cutting down electricity in normal working?

Don’t remove the TF card optionally when working. In other words, before turn off the power, don’t remove the memory card. If you remove before the shutdown, TF can be displayed on the computer, but can’t be open. It can be repaired through mass production, with the chip worry-free see what the master, and then download the corresponding mass production tools, if the TF card can not display, may be the main control or storage particle damage, storage particle damage can not be saved.

The master or PCB board is broken, you can get the data recovery company, they will blow off your TF storage particles, weld to the empty TF board, and then extract the data. In conclusion, remove memory card as little as possible. In general, the memory card in the dash cam can be used for several years.

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