What Dash Cam Should I Buy



Installing a dash cam can prove what happened in the event of a traffic accident and protect you from false claims, even some insurance companies will pay large premiums for you. 

What is a good dash cam

The most important things about dash cam are the quality of the video taken. If the video is not clear enough, you will not be able to use the video taken by your dash cam to prove that you aren’t blamed for the accident.

Now dash cam on the market all support 720p at least, the popular is 1080p dash cam. Of course, with the development and progress of the technology of the dash cam, there is now 4k dash cam. The higher resolution usually has clearer the image. Buy the 4k dash cam at Amazon.

How do we test dash cam?

In order to conveniently distinguish which is better, I installed the tested dash cam on my car. I spent some time to test these dash cam in a different environment and found that the night vision dash cam can take a clear image in a good light in the daytime, but some dash cam can’t give us satisfied in low light at night. Therefore, we should pay attention to the night vision in the purchase of the dash cam.

Some dash cam with HDR has a good effect in the low light environment at night. In addition, the dual lens becomes more and more popular.

What should you look for in a dash cam?

1,with G-sensor

2,GPS can make sure your location, when you get lost, it will help you a lot.

3,with the help of loop recording, your data will never a loss. Of course, old data is overwritten by new data. Combined loop recording and G-sensor, in the event of the special condition, G-sensor will start and lock the current video without being overwritten.

4,MicroSD card storage. All worthy dashcams bundle a storage card, but some come with larger cards and some come without.

How does dash cam work?

The dash cam is more useful than a regular camera. You can install your dash cam on the windshield to record your whole driving process. But is your storage is small, it will result from the dash cam stop recording.

In order to solve the problem of limited storage, now the dash cam usually record in 1 to 3 minutes, when the memory card is full, old data will be overwritten by new data so that it means that your dash cam works continuously.

However, to protect important videos from losing, the dash cam is equipped with G-sensor. In the event of an unexpected accident, the dash cam automatically locks this video.


How to hardwire a dash cam?

You can directly connect your dash cam to fuse box in 12 V, which can provide power for some dash cam with parking mode when parking the car. For example, that will record bumps when you’re parked and the car is locked; if you plug into the cigarette lighter socket, it’s unlikely the dash cam will receive power from it while the ignition is off.

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