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Dash cam is quite popular now, but it will inevitably encounter some problems when it is used. Here are some common faults and solutions of traffic recorder.I hope you will never use them, but in case of accident.

Many riders installed car video recorder, no serious debugging off, the result will inevitably lead to crashes, suddenly black screen, image blur, leakage and other issues Caton. All of these are the problems that many car friends have encountered. Here are how to deal with these common failures. I hope that the majority of the car friends can reload each other and let more car friends see it!

一、The dash cam automatically stop recording or photographing

Reason: because of big storage of HD video, the video record and every frame on the memory card. If the memory card is poor or low-speed card, it can’t keep up with the machine, so that the dash cam automatically stop recording or photographing


1, check whether the memory card has enough storage

2, please use a high-speed card that is compatible with the machine, the high-speed card will generally have C6, C8, C10 or more, it is recommended to choose more than C6.

3, check whether turn on the loop recording

4, check whether turn off screen protection.

二、When recording, the dash cam will have stripes interference with the image

Reason: because of the wrong light source frequency

Solution: according to local power supply frequency, set the corresponding data. In general, domestic should choose 50HZ, foreign should choose 60HZ.

三、When playback the image and video, the machine noticed “error file”

Reason: because you use the low-speed card or poor quality card to save the file in the storage of the HD video, the memory card wasn’t able to save the video, so that the file lost. 

Solution: please use the “format” function, format the memory card on the machine and change a more than C6 high-speed card. 

四、Why is the image taken blurred

Reason: there are dust or barrier on the lens or waterlogging or other on the windshield, resulting the image is not clear.

Solution:check whether the lens has dirty, fingerprints. Before shooting, use lens paper to wipe the lens. Check whether tear off the lens film. Wipe the windshield with the cloth. 

五、The machine crash

Reason: use the poor quality or low-speed storage cards. Machine use mismatched chargers operate frequently for short periods of time. 

Solution: change a C10 card, use the regular charger. Press reset button to reset.

六、Why does the screen suddenly become black, but the indicator light is on?

Reason: because you set the screen protection.

Solution: press MENU to enter the menu system, choose to screen off to record, click ok to confirm. 

七、The machine can be boot in normal, after plugging into the car charger, the machine can’t be boot and doesn’t work

Reason: because of the car charger mismatch the voltage of the machine. 

Solution: please select the correct car charger to charge. The 5V machine uses 5V charger, 12V machine use the 12V charger. 

八、How to set recording video without sounds?

Solution: press MENU to audio menu, click ok to confirm and exit the menu.

九、The machine can’t be boot

Reason: whether the machine has enough voltage and use the high-speed card. Confirm whether the machine gets electricity normally. 

Resolution: charge machine in full battery through car charger. Use high-speed card. Check whether the machine can be charged normally. Press RESET to restart the machine. Use above methods, your machine can’t be a boot, please contract after-sales service. 

十、When shooting the sky, water, and other scenery, the image is very dark and color change, easily distorted

Reason: in large contrast scenery, the automatic exposure of the camera will affect the color of the image. 

Solution: it can be corrected by adjusting the exposure compensation value in the setting. 

十一、The image is very dark or bright

Reason: because of the big contrast of the light in scene affect the automatic exposure. 

Solution: it can be corrected by adjusting the exposure compensation value in the setting.

十二、Big noise

Reason: because the machine will appear strong wave sound in the low battery.

Solution: please record with sufficient power or with a charger.

十三、After connecting to the cigarette lighter or computer, the machine will appear “ memory, PictBridge, the lens” on the screen. Press any button to have no reaction

Reason: because of the use of mismatched car charger, in general, when connecting to the computer, it will appear. 

Solution: replace the matching car charger. 

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