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HD DVR dash cam AZDOME DAB211 adopts the professional chip of motion camera. Ambarella A12 integrating advanced image processing units, has the function of lens distortion correction and has a variety of image H.264 coding and image compression algorithm. In the case of 150 degree wide angle, it is also perfect to ensure that the screen is not distorted. The video can cover multiple vehicle lane and the video quality is better. 

Here is how we use AZDOME DAB211 HD DVR dash cam in the dark of the night:

From the video, we can see that it keeps HD image in the low light at night. The front car and nearly license plates, pedestrians and other objects are clearly visible. AZDOME DAB211 HD dash cam can perfectly record your journey what you see and what you can’t see, which makes your trip easier and more fun. 

HD DVR dash cam DAB211 launched by AZDOME has a wealth of features, such as built-in GPS, 150 degree wide angle, ADAS, hidden design, start-light night vision, HDR, etc. In addition. DAB211 can be used in many different application scenarios, giving you different extreme experience. 

The AZDOME DAB211 HD car video recorder adopts hidden design with a 2.31 inch LCD screen, which is compact and portable. With the help of 16 million pixel, 1560*1440p/30fps, start-light night vision and HDR, it can clearly record the scenery along the way in the night, tunnel, haze and other harsh conditions.


AZDOME has carried on the comprehensive test to the GPS of DAB211. in the test, it can search the GPS signal within 2 minutes and the speed of connecting the GPS is also very fast. There are a few machine that guarantee a connection to the GPS signal within 2 minutes. DAB211 is a good built-in GPS dash cam. Click the link to watch the relative video. 


What is ADAS? ADAS is the acronym for advanced driving assistance system, when your car starts leaving its driveway or too close to anther car, ADAS will warn you to driving safety. 

hd dvr dash cam

DAB211 HD DVR dash cam is also equipped with ADAS, which provides real-time intelligent warning of lane offset and forward car distance measurement to make you effective safety alsrm and timely and correct driving behavior. 


Beyond these, HDR is one of the bright spots of DAB211. we all know that most of current dash cam are overexposure in the overexposure phenomenon, resulting in the poor quality of the dash cam, especially when in-out the tunnel, it is difficult to record clearly.

From the video, we can see clearly that HDR of DAB211 can solves this problem very well, and the DAB211 can clearly record the road conditions under the sun, even out of the tunnel, it can be very good to capture the road conditions ahead, greatly improving the recording effect. 

hd dvr dash cam price

DAB211 is a stable, high definition, multi-functional, multi-purpose device, equipped with Ambarella A12, ov4689, 1440p, HDR, ADAS, built-in GPS, night vision,etc. What a excellent product is. It is only $120 on Amazon. At present, there are few dash cam such as DAB211 high cost effective, do you like it? 

HD Dvr Dash Cam Frequently Asked Questions

1)hd dvr dash cam not working

After using for some time, some friends said that it will appear some problem, especial intelligent dash cam. Like mobile phone, the more intelligence and more function will easier to appear some problem. One of the most common problem is not working normally. Solve the problem as follow:

1, check whether the battery is electric. If the battery has electricity, directly replace the battery or charge it.

2, if the battery is electric and has no problem: please format the memory car and restart.

3, set loop recording

4, release video lock function

5, check memory card or change a memory card

6, check whether the equipment is overheated, if it is hot, please cool down.

7, restore factory setting.

2)hd dvr dash cam setup

Video setting

Pressing the OK button in video mode to stop recording first then press OK button to switch to video setting menu.

Short press up/down to switch to the setting options, short press OK button to enter the setting, short press up/down button to change the setting, and short press OK button to confirm.

System setting

After power on enter the video mode, the video icon will be shown on the LCD top left corner: short press MENU button twice to switch the system setting, the video blue icon will be shown on the LCD top right corner: there are below setting options at the screen.

Date/Time setting

Please set the time zone before you set the date&time

Default Setting

Choose Cancel or OK,choose OK means format, choose Cancel means no

Playback setting

After power on, long press M button twice to switch to playback setting, the play back, the playback icon will be shown on the LCD top left corner, press MENU button one time to enter setting, there are 3 setting options: Delete/Protect/Slide Show

hd dvr dash cam reviews

A nice hd dash cam . What I like is the size it’s not big enough to obscure your view . It’s a little small to use the screen as a viewer but I think it’s just there for setting up and so you can see it working. If you want to watch anything back just put the Sd card in your Mac or pc. I managed to hide all the cable away I drive a bmw active tourer it slipped in the door rubbers and into the leather seams perfect.


This is a very good dash cam. It's small and lightweight. It's very easy to install the dash cam in your car. Easy use. For the picture is very clearly and can be very safely to help me when I drive and when I park. The recording just perfect and the quality of the video is very good. Work just awesome.


I have been using it since its arrival. So far, I am satisfied with its performance. The video quality is good no matter in the daytime or at night. The body is very small and I don't need to worry about that my view is blocked. Also it comes with the holder and cables which makes the setup so easy. This device worth every penny I spent.

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