Dual Dash Cam For Car



With the development of the market demand of the dash cam, more and more manufacturers have launched dual-lens dash cam, and the products obtain more popularity. Why is dual- lens dash cam popular? The main reason is that 70% of traffic accidents are relative to rear-end accident. And the single lens only shoot the front condition, neither shoot the rear condition or provide video evidence. Majority of the drivers noticed that they have to buy a dual-lens dash cam, after all, when the accident happens, it can ensure to record complete evidence and guarantee driver’s rights and interests. 

At present, there are many brands of the dash cam on the market, rear-view mirror type and sucker type. Rear-view mirror, with rich function, support navigator, reversing image, E-dogs and so on. But the multi-functional dash cam is also unstable, easy freezing, unclear image, leakage and other phenomenon. Installing rear-view mirror with bandage, it is difficult to remove and the front lens can be adjusted, which isn’t suitable for all type car. The reversing image front rear lens need to remove the reversing light to connect, the wiring process is troublesome, so you’d better to ask a professional master to install. 

dual dash cam for car

But the sucker dash cam is single function, which is good stable, easy removing and is suitable for each car. In addition, the shooting angle can be adjusted. Of course, you can installing a sucker dash cam by yourself. In the future, the sucker dash cam will become a mainstream type. Today, we recommended a best dual-lens dash cam on the market. 

dual dash cam for car

GS65H is now the first dual-lens dash cam on the dash cam industry. The single lens is 1920*1080p/30fps, dual-lens lens is 1440*1080p/30fps +720p. both lenses are use Sony IMX323, 17mm HK-8246-1042-1+HK155-V01 lenses. In order to increase night vision effect, AZDOME designed the rear lens with several IR light, so the machine can have a good effect at night. 

GS65H use Novatek96655 sensor and Sony IMX323 processor. Compared with other products, GS65H give us higher definition video and more colorful. 2.4 inch screen and small size also absorb more attention. 

GS65H is equipped with 24 hour parking monitoring to ensure to monitor your car 24 hour. When our car is scratched or tapped, AZDOME  GS65H will automatically turn on and start recording, the video is also locked. If your car is damaged, the video taken also can be evidence. The car video recorder auto turns off while the car shuts down. Because of the small power consumption of the machine in the state of shutdown, the built-in 450mA lithium battery of GS65H is easy meeting 24 hour parking monitoring. 

Because of four IR light around the lens, the GS65H has the night vision function. The dash cam with IR light is often used in the dark environment without visible light or low light. The product with IR equipment is used to project the red light to the object, and the red light is reflected through object into the lens for imaging. The dash cam with IR light is designed for dark environments and don’t enhance the shooting effect during the day and the bright environment. 

In addition, GS65H has powerful heat dissipation function. And for all we know, GS65H is a front and rear lens dash cam. Compare with other single lens dash cam, it is high power consumption. Therefore, there are many heat dissipation port around the front lens, there heat dissipation holes effectively transmit the heat inside the fuselage to the outside, then release the heat generated by excessive power consumption to ensure the normal operation of the machine, which further to avoid the crash caused by long time operation. 

dual dash cam for car

The car with rear lens can prevent racketeer of rear accident, at the same time, dual lens dash cam can shoot wider and comprehensive range. Because of the advantage of the dual-lens, you can use one of the lens as reversing image or security monitoring. And the dual-lens can be switched freely. So if you plan to buy a dash cam, GS65H is a good choice.buy it at Amazon right now!


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