Dual Dash Cam With Night Vision



The dash cam is an very important tool to judge accident’s responsibility. The dual dash cam with night vision, as a effective tool for obtain accident scene and prevent racketeers, still is a necessary electric product to protect our legal rights and interests. As long as the video don’t be modified, it can be used as evidence for reference. Therefore, more and more people install a dash cam on their car. no matter driving safe or placing at home, a good quality dash cam is a best choice. 

GS65H HD nigh vision dual-lens dash cam

Based on 150 degree, the image taken by the dash cam isn’t deformed, easily covering three lanes. And the front and rear camera with 1080p can shoot clear both daytime and nighttime. HD screen and HD MOV format support playback HD image in real time. Use flame retardant materials to prevent accident, which give more protection for driving safety, monitoring the surrounding changes at any time. 

dual dash cam with night vision

The reason why GS65H is so popular is that not only the small and beautiful design, unique heat dissipation holes, but also equipped with NOVATEK 96655 and Sony IMX323 makes the machine smooth. At the same time, it also built-in GPS. 

We all know that the most importance of the dash cam is able to shoot HD video, novatek96655 and imx323 provide basic guarantee for the HD image and HD video to some extent. 

dual dash cam with night vision

In addition, to ensure the HD video, the material of the lens is also important. GS65H use 6 layer glass and one ir lens, which give a good light transmittance and filtrates stray light. Besides, F1.8 further makes sure the HD video. 

With WDR, even at night, GS65H also provide HD video, as well as reduce the exposure of strong light in the distance and ensure the clarity of the video. 

The HS790B dual channel dash cam is more atmospheric, with a 9.88-inch IPS screen. At the same time, using two 1080P lenses is also a new breakthrough and the front and rear cameras can shoot 1080P HD video, also including G-sensor collision sensor, night vision, loop recording and other common functions. With the support of WDR , the output picture is more realistic in many cases. The lens can be placed at will, rotated and photographed in any corner, giving car owners a brand new driving experience.

dual dash cam with night vision

HS790B, a streaming video mirror dash cam, is designed to replace the traditional optical rear-view mirror, allowing drivers to see larger angles and clearer images behind the car. Super comprehensive screen, more than three times the angle of view, strong light suppression, preventing rain and fog, night vision are the advantages of streaming media products. From the safety of driving, from the front and rear cameras to the ADAS, all are to ensure the safety of vehicle owners in the driving process. If there is a safety accident, the use of mobile phone APP connected to the dash cam will be the scene of the incident video, G-sensor locking photos to review, can quickly determine the cause of the accident.

Choosing a high quality dash cam is not only a person in charge of safety to yourself and your family, but also a person in charge of your own car. In general, the dash cam can record the truth,protect our legitimate rights and interests with facts. In addition, in the travel, all things along the way will be recorded one by one to prove our bravery, share our joy. At the same time, you can also shoot family DV and leave precious memories. Dash cam has an indispensable unit for a family of cars.

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