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There are many cheap dash cams, most dash cam under $100, and they have a lots of features. Like front and rear dash cam,night vision dash cam and dash cam with wifi,gps. According to the video by dash cam, you can get the insurance when happen accidents. It's cheap and cost-effective.  But how to choose the best cheap dash cam? keep reading.

What is the best dash cam to buy?

During selecting a dash cam, the brand is not an only standard, we also considered the product parameter, performance and others. The price for the electric product isn’t a stable factor, so does dash cam. At present, there are a lot of different price of the dash cam, so is the higher price better? Of course not!

More than one thousand yuan product, for example, exist the biggest difference between each two hundred yuan, such as GPS, ADAS and so on. Between six hundred and eight hundred, it may have a big difference on the wide angle or image quality or others. If you want to select a dash cam with basic function, between four hundred yuan to one thousand is enough. Through the test, we recommended top 5 dash cam in 2018 for reference.

AZDOME GS65H front and rear dash cam

want some peace of mind they'll have evidence in the event that a passenger misbehaves. A camera also has the potential to deter passengers from saying or doing something lewd or offensive.

If you were seeking a dash cam that can record the outside and inside condition, we recommended GS65H. that is a perfect dash cam for Uber drivers and taxi drivers. Because they want some peace of mind they'll have evidence in the event that a passenger misbehaves. A camera also has the potential to deter passengers from saying or doing something lewd or at amazon.

It is equipped with front 1080p and 150 degrees, rear 720p and 130 degree, which is enough to cover three lanes and record the inside condition, to our surprised, the image still clear. In addition, with Built-in GPS, 64G, small design, its price is more reasonable than others.

Here is the story of an Uber driver who has used the car video recorder:

I'm a Lyft driver and recently escaped a serious accident when another driver sped through a red light and would have injured my passenger if not me had we collided. I have also witnessed numerous incidents with cars and pedestrians. All this convinced me a dashcam was in order to document events in case that evidence was needed. 

You know, see something say something. This device is wonderful for its price point and delivers what it promises. The daytime resolution of both lenses is crisp and awesome. The night vision of the forward "A" lens is very clear but the infrared of the "B" lens on the interior is not stellar in darkness but good enough. Guess you need to join Seal Team 6 or Army Rangers to get better toys.The wide angle of the forward "A" lens is great. It covers a huge swath, an entire six-lane road including sidewalks. 

What I haven't seen mentioned is that it seems to have anti-shake, meaning if you drive over a speedbump or along washboard or pot-holed pavement it holds the image steady. I'm not interested in spying on my passengers (never had a problem), but it is fun to go back later and replay some of the more enjoyable/memorable ride experiences. I mount this with the suction cup in the center of the windshield about 1/3 the way up. Works nicely for my purposes. Nice bit of kit.

YI smart dash cam

YI dash cam not only include driving video, but also includes ADAS, analyzing speed, car distance, warning, and voice. However, up to now, users aren’t interested in its color, because it can’t match the car interior trim part. 

In hardware, it uses 2.7-inch screen, 2196p(2304x1296P/30fps), F/1.8, 165 degrees, a photosensitive element, which effectively improves the shooting effect. Built-in G-senor and 2.4ghz wireless model, wifi, so it is convenient to check the video, obtain evidence and share in the social contract. 

Garmin Dash Cam 55

It is equipped with an HD camera, 1440p. in the daytime, it is very clear. With the help of the HDR, it is effective to improve the video quality. The built-in GPS, when you are in a strange place, can help you find out your location. 

Its small size can’t affect your driving vision. In addition, it has a 13.5-foot wire. so you'll be able to tuck the cord behind your windshield molding and keep it out of the way. 

It also has other practical features, such as front car warning, warning when checking your car is too close to the car in front of you to make sure the car is safe. Circular Video allows you to continue recording video even after your memory card has been fully recorded.

The Garmin Dashcam 55 works really well. Al the alerts perform quite well (lane departure, traffic is moving, etc.). The video quality is outstanding and the field of view is more than adequate. The magnetic mount is very convenient. By placing a magnetic mount in each vehicle the unit is easily moved to different vehicles quickly. No more suction mounts coming loose and the unit falling while driving.


It is equipped with a novatek96658 processor, a 2.45-inch IPS screen and150°.Drivers can look at the screen from multiple angles, and the details of the video are still not lost. In addition, convenient installation and the small design, you do not worry about blocking your view.

The AZDOME A305 is equipped with a Sony IMX323 processor and a six-layers lens, which gives you 20% more clarity than ever before and gives you the greatest visual impact both in pictures and videos. It also has the WiFi function to change our use of dash cam to a large extent. only one mobile phone, you can operate the A305 recording and shooting. 

top 5 best cheap dash cam

A305, at $50.99 on amazon, is a dash cam with a good quality and reasonable price

The reason I bought this camera is simply for just in case. I have no trouble means to install this camera because everything needed is available in the box except micro SD memory card. The loop recording feature in this camera makes it easy to use, I do not need to delete the recording every time the memory card is full. The image produced is pretty good as I can see the license plate of the car in front of me quite clearly. The recording for the night is also pretty good, especially when the street light is bright. So far I have no problems even though I live in Texas and the summer in Texas can make the car dashboard get very hot. Overall I am satisfied with my purchase and would recommend it as well.

Nextbase 512GW dash cam

Netbase's dash cams are readily available from Halfords and are allegedly endorsed by the AA, so it’s no surprise that the specification and build of the Nextbase 512GW – its mid-range dash cam – make for a promising start.


The recording is available up to 1440p at 30fps, though you can also choose from Full HD and 720p too. At the top resolution, a 16GB memory card will be enough for 77 minutes of footage before the recording loops to replace the oldest files with new ones. There’s no microSD card included though, which is a shame for a dash cam that is well out of the budget territory.


A great dash cam, very intuitive to use and offers a user-friendly interface. I tested it immediately on the road and wasn't disappointed - just popped in the micro SD card and it began recording. The screen looks very good with decent resolution and the menus are very easy to navigate through. I even tested the G sensor by accident and the movie clip got locked out. A very satisfying purchase indeed!

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