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Most of people must had encountered that their car was scratched, but without the evidence, so they only can solve by themselves. Therefore, more and more drivers choose to install a dash cam on their car. Could you make sure that you can find a good quality dash cam?Whree to buy dash cam?

I have concluded that there are three ways that are the most popular and the three most used. The first is through online shopping, the second is to shop on physical stores, and finally buy on the auto parts market.

Based on the e-commerce, we also can buy a suitable product on the internet. On the practical shop,only a advantage is to try. But for the first buying person, it is recommended to buy in auto parts market, it is convenient that some businessmen will install, so i suggest that before buying, you must know more about the product that you want to avoid deceiving. 

Buying tips

Image quality and stability of the dash cam are the most important standard. The main function of the dash cam is to record clearly to provide clear evidence, recording the car mode and the licence plate. 

The work environment of the car video recorder is very hard. So it is required to work in low or high temperature. So the stability and the image quality are the most important standard. 

The larger wide angle isn't better. The larger wide angle can't shoot clear the licence plate. Based on the same resolution, the larger wide angle occupy a larger space, and the image also be compressed. For example, in 1080p, 120 degree wide angle can shoot the front 8 meters licence plate, 140 degree wide angle can shoot clearly the front 5 meters licence plate, and the 170 degree wide angle can shoot clearly the front 3.5 meters licence plate. 

How to distinguish the image quality of the dash cam?

It must have a good exposure. For example, in and out tunnel, the image will suddenly darken or brighten, which is required that the dash cam must have a good exposure. Driving at night, expect the light, other places are dark. The dash cam don't appear the white or black noise. 

Anther is the noise as few as possible in the dark environment. Although improving ISO, both the dash cam and the mobile phone will decline the image quality because of the noise. This is a test of the ability of the image chip. 

How to install the dash cam?

The key point of the dash cam installing process is fixing and wiring, so when installing, what principles should we follow?

First of all,fit the dash cam and must to test the anti-shock and anti-shake.

We can't avoid the shake when driving. When in the bumpy traffic situation, the dash cam can't shot the clear video, the image taken around either blurred deformation, or take the scene and the actual distance is far from the actual. One reason for this is that the quality of the dash cam, and it must be fixed to prevent vibration when it is installed.

Second, you must choose the proper angle to install, which can't block the driver sight.

In general, the installation is fixed to the front windshield with a glass suction mount, but if it is slightly larger it will affect your sight. Others are installed on the center console, even if this can affect the driver's observation of close road conditions.Even some suction mount can't be adjusted. It is recommended that the dash cam is installed near the rear-view mirror. This angle is most suitable for shooting, at the same time it is more concealed and our vision is not affected.

Finally, wiring carry out principle of proximity, professional connecting , as far as possible to maintain the original car circuit.

The general wiring is as follow: confirm the installation location of dash cam, arrange the cable from above the rear-view along the roof edge, along the copilot A-pill, below the glove box, into the center console, and connected to the cigarette lighter. (according to the real situation, you also connect to the reading light) This process must be careful, the joint with insulation tape wrapped to prevent damage and interference with each other. The most critical part is the power supply connection. If you do not understand this, you must be hand to professional technicians to do, otherwise it is easy to damage the mainframe.

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