What is Qi Wireless Charging?



There are many people who don't know what is qi wireless charging, actually Qi wireless charging refers to the technology of Qi wireless charging standard, which uses electromagnetic induction to make wireless charging technology for handheld low power devices such as mobile phones and cameras. Qi wireless charging standard is initiated by Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). It is widely recognized in the world as a wireless charging standard.


Qi is the world's first standard organization to promote wireless charging technology, the wireless charging Alliance (Wireless Power Consortium, hereinafter referred to as "alliance") to launch the "wireless charging" standard, with the two features of convenience and generality. First, products with different brands can be charged with Qi wireless charger as long as they have a Qi logo. Second, it tackled the technical bottleneck of the "versatility" of wireless charging. In the near future, mobile phones, cameras, computers and other products can be charged with Qi wireless charger, providing the possibility of large-scale applications of wireless charging.


How Does A Wireless Charger Work?

Qi wireless charging uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to charge wireless devices. In particular, a conducting coil will be configured using the charging base and the receiving device of the Qi wireless charging technology. The conducting coil of the charging base generates an electronic magnetic field after electrifying, and the conductive coil on the electrical equipment transforms the electric energy after feeling the magnetic field within a short distance, thus charging the electric equipment.

What Phones Have Qi Wireless Charging?

In theory, all mobile phones are capable of wireless charging. At present, many models are equipped with wireless charging function. Users can directly charge the cell phone to the charging board so that they can achieve wireless charging. However, most models still use traditional charging methods, but users can choose wireless charging parts, and then turn their mobile phones into wireless charging.


The user can pick up the wireless charge accessories in the electric business, then insert the coil's charging interface into the cell phone charging interface, then turn the coil on the back of the cell phone, and buy a cell phone shell to clip it on the back of the phone. After normal connection, users can use mobile phones as charging boards to achieve wireless charging.


Including apple, Samsung, NOKIA and other world-class enterprises all take the Qi standard as the terminal technology of wireless charging technology standard.


Wireless Charging Distance

At present, the latest Qi wireless charging standard (Qi 1.2) has been able to support fast wireless charging of 15W specifications, but a short charge distance (a wireless distance of only a few millimeters to a few centimeters) is still a problem to be tackled.


Two Features of Qi Wireless Charging

Qi wireless charging has two characteristics: convenience and versatility. In terms of ease, different brand products can be charged with Qi wireless charger as long as they have Qi identification; in the generality, Qi wireless charging is committed to the use of different types of electronic products (notebooks, mobile phones, cameras, etc.) using a Qi wireless charger.


iPhone Wireless Charging Explain

Although the current Qi 1.2 standard can support 15W wireless fast charging, the wireless charging power of iPhone8/8Plus and iPhone X is only 7.5W, so the current price segment of the apple Qi wireless charging is faster than the cable.


Is Qi Wireless Charging Safe To Be Safe For Cell Phone Batteries?

Most of the batteries that are sold on the market are the most popular lithium batteries. Why do so many mobile phone manufacturers use lithium batteries? Because the battery has a very large feature, it has a very long life, and extremely durable, let alone the lithium battery does not have the memory effect, that is to say, it can withstand very high power without damage. Therefore, wireless charging will not affect the battery.


The above is related to Qi wireless charging and apple Qi wireless charging. Apple's lack of faster 15W wireless charging may be due to security and stability, after all, this is the first time Apple has used wireless charging to be conservative.

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