Dash Cam GPS Player



Here you can download dash cam gps player,use these programs to playback the video and GPS files created by your dash cam.Two versions of GPS player will be provided below.

Azdome dash cam gps player:

DASH CAM GPS Player Software For Windows

DASH CAM GPS Player Software For Mac


NOTE:when recording, dash cam screen don't show the longitude and latitude data、speed.

If you want to see your longitude and latitude data、speed(MPH or KM/H), you can playback your video in the dash cam(function 

of "GPS Stamp" is on) or download the "Car DV Player" to play video file:

1.Please go to the website downloads, you can find the file in the page.

2.You can e-mail us to service@azdome.hk .

Using the Car DV Player

1.Please open the Car DV Player and install it for the first use.

2.Click File-Open to choose the file which you want to play, click to start play.

If the google Map can't be normally loaded by GPS Player, please try the following operations:

1.Run GPS Player as the administrator(right click on the GPS Player, then choose running as the Administrator)

2.Upgrade the Internet Explorer to IE 10 or above

3.If the GPS player still can't work, please contact us service@azdome.hk

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