How to Install Dash Camera



where to mount the dash cam?

As far as possible, the dash cam is installed near the rearview mirror of the car, so the field of view is wider, so it is the best installation position. It is also necessary to make sure that the location of the lens is in the clean range of the wiper, ensuring that it can be taken clearly in rainy days, and the location of the installation will not affect the range of the activity of the automobile airbag. Next, I will talk about the problems encountered when installing the dash cam.

The best installation position is located in the rearview mirror area, and the right location is located on the left and right side of the mirror, which will cause a blind area because of the wide angle problem, and if it is simply placed on the control table in the car, it will not be able to have enough field of vision to determine whether the front headers really collide in the case of a suspected car crash. It will cause difficulty in obtaining evidence, so hiding the rearview mirror behind or behind the rear view mirror is the most reasonable installation position.

how to install dash camera

In the installation of a problem that will meet, is the fixed problem of the dash cam, now there are two common fixed ways, one is sticky, one is a sucker, the advantage of sticky is to install firmly, not easy to drop, the disadvantage is that the position is selected when the installation is needed, otherwise it is very inconvenient to replace the position. And it will also leave unsightly imprints. The way of sucker is easy to disassemble, but the suction type is not strong enough. It needs attention to be reinforced at any time, and there will be some hidden dangers in the actual use process.

In the installation of the dash cam, a long line is usually equipped with a dash cam, from the position of the rearview mirror to the edge of the A column and inside the interior, and the car's cigarette lighter is connected by the way of hiding the line. However, this method generally requires a large number of tools, and some owners will not use this method because of the possibility of damaging the interior decoration. It is also possible to drop the line of the dash cam directly into the smoke detector, winding the redundant cable or putting it in the glove box, but this way also affects driving to a certain extent.

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