Cloud ip camera installation and configuration



Ip camera installation and configuration: wireless ip camera can bring a lot of fun, and it is necessary.Installation and configuration are very convenient.Just need to use mobile phones can help you pay attention to every move of your baby or pet.


But the cloud IP camera configuration could be confusing to many Anyone new to us could ip camera have many questions like:

ip camera how to install ?  how do i connect to my ip camera?  how to setup ip camera recording?


Follow this Cloud IP camera installation and configuration, and you’ll get answers to all questions concerning the IP camera configuration and start video monitoring at once!


1.Install cloud ip camera “MIPC” APP

a.  Scan “MIPC” APP QR code.
cloud ip camera installation and configuration

a. Download 'MIPC' APP from APP Store(iOS) or Play Store(Android).
Note: PC users please download our APP:



2.Add cloud ip camera to account

a.   Plug in device, open the APP, register an account, and log in.

b.   Click on '+' in top left corner, select the device model, scan the QR code and add the device ID, and enter the network connection interface.

cloud ip camera installation and configuration

3.Select net work connection

You could choose either WiFi or Ethernet to connect device, but some of devices only support one way.

a. Wi-Fi connection
Click the Wi-Fi connection icon and press the camera RESET button to enter the Wi-Fi configuration mode. Input the WiFi password, the connection should be successful!

cloud ip camera installation and configuration

①Press RESET button, hold for 1-2 seconds to enter the WiFi configuration,long press10-12seconds to restore the factory settings.
②If the Wi-Fi configuration fails, try an ethernet connection

b. Ethernet connection
Click on the Ethernet connection icon, connect the network cable, change the password, and set Wi-Fi

cloud ip camera installation and configuration

4. Ip camera recording setup

A. The cloud ip camera SD card video recording setup

After you insert the SD card(need to be purchased separately) into the camera, you need to go to the ‘Record’ setting to enable video recording.


(Note: SD card should not be inserted into or removed from the camera while the camera is powered on; And SD card will be automatically formatted when inserted into the camera).
Step 1: Enter the camera.
Step 2: Enter the camera ‘settings’.
Step 3: Enter the ‘Record’ setting.
Step 4: Select Recording mode (Continuous Recording/Event Recording).
Step 5: Enable Recording and tap on ‘Apply’ to confirm the settings.

cloud ip camera installation and configuration

A. The ip camera Cloud box video recording Settings

a. Connect the cloud box (need to be purchased separately) to a power supply and network by ethernet.

b. Add the cloud box to the account.

c. Connect the camera to the cloud box by APP settings.

cloud ip camera installation and configurationcloud ip camera installation and configuration

ip camera installation and configuration video:

If you are not quite sure how to install and configuration cloud ip camera, Installation and setup videos are also provided here, just follow the video step by step, and I'm sure you’ll know how to install and configurating the ip camera. 

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