Brand Influencer Veronica Lead You Thoroughly to Know AZDOME



Yesterday, influencer brand Veronica from Poland came to AZDOME's global operations center in Shenzhen. She will lead you thoroughly to know of AZDOME and introduce Lingdu AZDOME to live fans in real time.

brand influencer with azdome

brand influencer with azdome

Our manager is introducing the latest new products of AZDOME to Veronica.

brand influencer with azdome
When she saw the 4K dash cam M06 on the showcase, Veronica said it was the best beautiful 4K dashcamera she had ever seen. " exquisite and small, simply beautiful."

brand influencer with azdome
After further to knowing of the AZDOME and AZDOME's products, Veronica is broadcasting live in AZDOME global operation, introducing AZDOME to her fans. Behind her is the AZDOME's certificate of honor and the products of AZDOME.

After known about the AZDOME office area. In the afternoon, came to azdome's factory. 

brand influencer with azdome
Veronica is working on the production line to get a thorough understanding of every component of the AZDOME dash cam. This is rear view mirror dash cam.

brand influencer with azdome
Wearing on the dust-free garment came to azdome's SMT workshop, Veronica was attracted by clean and tidy workshops.

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AZDOME Launched The World's First Full Screen mirror dash cam

m06 4k ultra dash cam