AZDOME M10 4K dash cam Unboxing and What's New



The AZDOME M10 4K dash cam with an OLED Touch screen is the latest top model of AZDOME. It films with a hairy 4K resolution, has Wifi and GPS built-in and is easy to use with the bright 3.0 inch OLED Touch screen. The interface is very user-friendly so that settings can be easily changed and recordings can be viewed with a few clicks on the screen. With the Waving S.O.S. sensor, a snapshot of a situation can be made with one move.

m10 4k dash cam review


4K Resolution

The M10 4K dash cam is equipped with the latest Novatek 96660 chip. In combination with the OV4689 4.0MP sensor, the camera shoots in a UHD 4k dash cam, 4K (2880p *2160p) with 24fps, unique for dashcams. This chip and sensor are known for their reliability and excellent image quality, even in the dark. HDR technology guarantees perfect image quality in all weather conditions. The dashcam can also be used to take pictures in 18M pixels. The AZDOME M10 4K camera also be set to another resolution, including 1440p 30fps, 1296p 30fps or 1080p 60fps /30fps.



3.0 inch OLED Touch screen

The unique thing about this 4K dash cam is the clear and large 3.0 inch OLED Touchscreen screen. The screen displays what the camera is recording by default, with one click on the screen the menu can be entered or a photo can be taken. The menu interface is very user -friendly, making changing settings a penny whistle.

m10 dash cam-wideview lens

Optional IP68 rear camera

This M10 4K dash cam can be extended with Full HD rear camera to record behind the car as well. The rear camera is connected to the front camera via a 6-meter cable provided. The cameras record at the same time and the images are stored separately on the SD card.


The image of the rear camera is shown on the screen via PiP (Picture in Picture) and with one click on the screen, the rear camera can also be shown large in the image. When the rear camera is connected, the camera films with 1080p 30fps on the front and back.


The rear camera does not need an additional power connection, it receives power via the cable with which it is connected with the front camera. However, it has an additional power connection that can optionally be connected to the power supply of the rear-exit light. In this case, the image of the rear camera large on the screen is displayed when the car is put in its rear. In this way, the M10 is handy to use as a parking aid.


Wifi compatibility

Because the M10 is equipped with wifi, all images can easily be viewed via the smartphone. The Wifi has a range of about ten meters.

The AZDOME app is available for iOS (Apple) and Android phones and tablets. The app allows the images to be viewed and downloaded so that the SD card does not have to be removed from the camera.



Built-in GPS

The M10 4K dash cam has a built-in GPS module. This GPS module can display the speed in the image and also keep track of the coordinates of the locations where it was filmed. This allows the software provided later to see exactly where certain recordings were made.


Smart magnetic attachment

The M10 4K dash cam has a smart magnet attachment which allows it to be removed from the car and mounted in a hand twist. The holder is mounted on the window with a solid 3M attachment and the dashboard is "clicked" in the holder. The dashboard is vertically rotatable in the holder so that it can always be placed in the correct position. The camera is supplied with several self -adhesive 3M stickers and removable pads so that removing the holder of the window is easy and does not leave any remains or strips.


Automatic parking space

The M10 4K dashcam has a convenient automatic parking space. The parking space has three options:

1. Time-lapse only: The camera continues to film Timelapse in 720p/fps.

2. Movement only: The camera is in stand -by mode (on but not recording). When a movement is detected, a normal recording of one minute shall be started.

3. Off: The camera just keeps filming with the set resolution. The parking meter is not switched on.


When a vibration is detected in the parking position, the current recording is always stored securely so that it cannot be overwritten.


Note: The automatic parking position of the M10 works alone in combination with the Continued Feeding MicroUSB and cannot be switched on and off manually. The plug should be placed in the camera itself and not in the holder. In combination with the Continued MicroUSB power, the camera automatically goes into the parking position when the car contact is switched off and starts the normal recording when you restart the car. Ideal to use this M10 as security for the car.


Loop recording

The M10 is equipped with loop recording. This means the camera just keeps filming when the SD card is full. The oldest fragments on the SD card are then removed and automatically overwritten for new images. The length of the fragments can be set to 3, 5 or 10 minutes. The loop recording can also be switched off, in which case the camera makes one long shot. Please note that the camera stops filming if the SD card is full.


256GB support

The AZDOME M10 4K dash cam supports MicroSD cards up to 256gb, good for over 32-hour Full HD recording.




The HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology enables the camera to generate sharp images at very high and very low light intensity. As a result, the camera takes a lot of light both during the day and at night with little sharper images.


150°wideview lens

This M10 car camera has a 150-degree wide-angle lens at the front. This shows a very large area, not only in front of the car but also in the surrounding area. The option behind the camera has a 120-degree wide-angle.


Car start

The AZDOME M10 4K dash camera automatically starts filming when the car starts. So you don't have to look at it anymore when he's in the car. The condition is that it is connected to the power in the car.



The built-in G-sensor can tell the dash cam when you've been in an accident. When an impact occurs, images are automatically stored securely so that they are no longer lost. They can no longer be overwritten or removed via the dash.


Built-in microphone

The AZDOME M10 has a built-in microphone so that sound is also recorded. The microphone can be switched on and off easily with one pressure on the screen.


Date /Time /Tag Watermark

The date, time and number may be shown at the bottom of each video so that it can be shown later when and with which vehicle certain recordings have been made. This can be crucial in assessing situations and determining the debt burden for police and /or insurance.



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