AZDOME BT07 Dual Dash Cam for Uber/Taxi Drivers



Why do uber drivers have cameras? If you get involved in an accident, such as passengers can make untrue claims against drivers, etc. The videos record by the dash cam can be used as first-hand evidence of the event.

AZDOME has released a new dashcam BT07 for taxi, uber and car-sharing, it with 2 cameras all-in-one, it records everything happening on the road (and sometimes inside the car) as you drive, and away snippets of video that can be called upon while you needed. 

dash cam for uber

BT07 with 2 camera, the front cam records video in 1920*1080P/30fps and rear camera records in 1920*1080P/30fps. That's a sufficiently high resolution and quality to be able to see number plates of the vehicles around you — exactly what you need in a dash camera. The 140° wide view lens takes in the entire road ahead and 130° wide view angle lens records the rear of the car. 

If you get the dashcam, you can connect to the camera over WiFi and see live video on your phone plus transfer and share video clips. Finally, the built-in super capacitor offers recording even when the car is switched off — to protect against theft when you're away. It gets triggered and starts recording with movement.

bt07 dash cam for uber

The dash cam features a 3 inch OLED Touch Display that to display whatever comes in front of the vehicle in 140 ° field-of-view. The screen is bright enough to offer an adequate view as the contrast and viewing angles are good; And the most intuitive and wonderful grid user interface, present you all the features and function before your eyes.

oled dash cam for uber

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