Azdome DAB211 to come with multifunction based on Ambarella chip



Have you been waiting for a compact UHD dash cam with GPS and ADAS based on stable performance for several months? Then tomorrow is your day, as Azdome announced that its latest dash cam product, DAB211, will soon come to the market. 

Azdome DAB211

So what's special about DAB211 to make it much more appealing? Why did Azdome develop this new product? 

Well, first of all, DAB211 has the most complete and most advanced functions compared with the other dash cams, which counts for most people, let's talk about the actual features. Besides the basic functions of dash cam - G-sensor, motion detection, parking monitor, etc, DAB211 is also equipped with built-in GPS, ADAS, HDMI, HDR, hidden design, night vision, two kind of ways to install, 3M mount and suction mount for options, etc, Azdome says that with these functions DAB211 will not only help the drivers record the videos in driving, but beneficial to drivers in many other aspects.

Azdome DAB211

Secondly, the video resolution and lens, which are the primary concern of people, in this regard, DAB211 is also fairly attractive, DAB211 comes with 1440p and 150 degree ultra wide angle, which means a better overall experience for the users and will provide panoramic views of surrounding environment for people to enjoy the visual feast.

Azdome DAB211

Last but not least, DAB211 is equipped with Ambarella A12 chip, it is well known that Ambarella chip in dash cam will bring a better experience for users whether in CPU, operation speed, image or functions, which captures the heart of the vast majority of people.

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