Azdome DAB211 - an attractive dash cam in performance




Recently Azdome has launched a new dash cam - DAB211, this dash cam is equipped with Ambarella A12 chip and OV4689 sensor, which means a better experience forusers in operation speed. Besides, it has built-in GPS, ADAS, night vision and 150-degree ultra wide angle, max support 128GB TF card. Above all, DAB211 comes with2560*1440p resolution and Ambarella A12 chip, which will bring higher video quality for users.


DAB211 is so unique not just because of its super high performance, the elegant external design is also amazing, an attractive dash cam in appearance, being more thanadequate to cater to your every need for dash cam.

In the outward appearance design, DAB211 also has special innovative advantages: Firstly, heat dissipation, heat emission hole is set up on the dash cam, which can effectively prevent overheating. Secondly, simple elegant appearance design, combined with a 2.31inch screen, the dash cam is so compact that the drivers can place it on the front windshield discreetly and will not block line of sight.


DAB211 is such a combination of face value and high performance, what price do you think the dash cam will be?

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