An excellent heat dissipation dash cam -DAB211



It is believed that we have basic understanding of DAB211 based on the previous explanation .Today we are going to talk about another considerable function - heat dissipation.

Many users may find that the dash cam have overheating phenomenon, which has direct effect on the stability and working life. In order to eliminate this, you need a dash cam with excellent heat dissipation function.Without any doubt, DAB211 is your first choice.

The quality of heat dissipation is reflected in the exterior design as well as interior components .DAB211 releases this problem from these two aspects.

Firstly, from the exterior design,DAB211adopts 2.5D radian design technology,which remedies the problem of rise in temperature due to chip power. The heat emission hole on the exterior design can disperse the heat timely, which can lower the temperature of dash cam.

Secondly, DAB211 is featured with Ambarella A12 chip ,so it can maintain a lower level of power dissipation ,which can reduce the heat from the heat source.

Besides the heat dissipation, there are some factors you should pay attention to. On the one hand, it is equipped with an OV4689 sensor and has 2560*1440/30fps high resolution; On the other hand, DAB211 provides you 150-degree wide angle. So DAB211 is really an unusual dash cam in the markets.

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