Azdome DAB211 will lead the trend of HDR technology



As China's largest dash cam manufacturer, Azdome has recently announced a dash cam DAB211 with Ambarella A12 chip, this device adopts the design of innovative 2.5D radian and heat emission hole, which greatly relieves the heat-dissipation problem; besides, the 1440p resolution improves the video definition to a large degree.

The uniqueness of Azdome DAB211 not merely because of the above functions, its HDR function is also one of the most attracting parts. As is well-known that currently, most dash cams all have the problem of overexposure in high exposure environment, which will cause the low-quality image, especially when driving through the tunnel exit, it has a great impact on the recording effect and very difficult for us to record the road condition ahead clearly.

You can clearly see in the video that the HDR function of DAB211 solved the problem very well, while driving against the sun, DAB211 can also record the road condition ahead clearly, even though in driving out of the tunnel exit, it can capture the road ahead well, which greatly  improves the recording effect of
dash cam

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