How much do you know about dash cam



Now and then ,dash cam have gaining increasing popularity ,more and more car have a dash cam.However,why dash cam have high penetration?It can be summarized several reason as below .

First of all,the car owner's security awareness has gradually improved .

Second,the driving situation become more and more complicated, and racketeer phenomenon as well as bad driver are become more and more,it maybe will damage your right.

Third,the dash cam video can be served as accident evidence by insurance company or court .

Then ,what is a  dash cam?Dash cam also can be called car black box .It have some other name ,such as dash cam ,dashboard camera,or car DVR .Dash cam is a on-board camera installed on vehicle windscreen,which can continuously record driving situation .It can be mounted inside windscreen or top of dash board ,by suction mount or adhesive-tape mount .Dash cam may provide video evidence in the event of road accident .During park,some dash cam still can capture video proof if vandalism act is detected.Dash cam are gaining in popularity as a way of protection against distortion of facts ,but it forbidden to use in some countries because of violate other’s privacy .

Now there are many kind of dash cam in the market ,so, what is the common
function of dash cam.All in all ,it has three common functions included auto start and off ,motion detection and roop recording.Auto start and off means that when you start your car, the dash cam can be started, and when you stop your car,the dash cam can be stopped ;Motion detection means that when you car is in parking situation the dash cam will record automatically once the detects events is analyzing by dash cam ;Roop recording means that once your storage is full ,the camera automatically overwrites the oldest file on the memory card ,thus enabling it recording indefinitely.This function is make sure your dash cam doesn’t just recording when it run out of it’s space .

From above to see that ,it is important to purchase good dash cam .When you buy dash cam ,you ought to pay more attention on these .

Above all ,it is not to say that the dash cam is better when it have bigger angle .when the dash cam have bigger angle ,the recorded objects will have distortion phenomenon.Obviously,this is not the good thing .

Second ,you can look other users's  evaluation when you decide to buy which dash cam .Generally speaking,the evaluation is more real than the seller’s statement.

Thirdly,when you want to buy night vision dash cam ,you must test this function at night by yourself,so you can see whether this function is real or not .

So,how to maintain your dash cam in daily life ?

Firstly,to protect your camera lens ,you should scrub it with soft cloth or you should buy UV mirror ,which can protect your camera lens .

Secondly,for protecting the battery,you should keep the battery from metal items,from which can help your battery short circuit.

Besides,don't to park your car in high-temperature environment so long time ,because it may cause the bad performance of dash cam .

What's more ,you should wrap your dash cam regularly.

Based on the explanation and tips about dash cam ,i hope you can buy suitable and affordable dash cam fro your car and know how to keep your dash cam in daily life.

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