Azdome DAB211 Official Unboxing Video



I believe that you now have a certain understanding of Azdome DAB211 based on the previous news about the initial product exposure, parameter introduction, installation method, application scenarios, function introduction such as HDR and heat dissipation of DAB211. Today we will display DAB211 unboxing video to help you gain further insight into the overall appearance and components of DAB211.

It is well-known that DAB211 is a small dash cam equipped with Ambarella A12 chip and OV4689 sensor, which ensures a good experience for users whether in CPU, operation speed, image or functions. Meanwhile, its various practical functions including 1440p, 150 degree ultra wide angle, built-in GPS, ADAS, HDR, night vision, hidden design, etc make it much more appealing. Such a multifunctional dash cam with Ambarella A12 chip, you must be very excited about it, now let’s take a look at DAB211 unboxing video to have a better understanding of it.

From the above video, what you see after opening the package is the front and back of DAB211, and then is the specification, suction mount, car charger, 3.5m car charger cable, USB cable, 3M mount and cable clip.

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