Azdome DAB211 distortionless feature, effect contrast picture presentation



Azdome is the Chinese manufacturer that specializes in making car dash cams. The DAB211 is one of the company’s top dash cam that offers a lot of features and particularly prominent in Ambarella A12 chip which can record the distortionless videos and images.

Before explaining the distortionless feature of DAB211, Azdome first introduces the other functional characteristics for people to get a full understanding of DAB211. DAB211 is the only Ambarella A12 product of Azdome, with hidden design, two brackets - suction mount and 3M mount, besides, the camera lens can be adjusted, which helps you record the video more conveniently, furthermore, in the outward appearance design, DAB211 is the only dash cam with plenty of heat emission holes, last but not least, DAB211 has HDR and distortionless characteristics, this article will emphatically introduce the distortionless feature.

To display the different effect of distortion and no distortion visually, Azdome specially prepared two contrast images, one is shot by DAB211 with Ambarella A12 chip, another is shot by dash cam without Ambarella chip, please read on.

DAB211 distortionless feature
You can see clearly from the above picture that the building in the left picture is straight and the building in the right picture obviously bends away from the center. That’s the difference between DAB211 with Ambarella chip and other dash cams without Ambarella chip. 

In the face of such an attractive top dash cam, it is really difficult not to be tempted.

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