How to buy car dash cam



With the increasing popularity of dash cam, there are have a variety of dash cam in the market.However,we need to make full research on these car camcorder about it’s quality. Now that we face numerous dash cam and statement of sellers.How should we purchase suitable and cost-effective dashbord camera and evaluate the quality? Let me share some tips with you.


Three main chip in market
It is necessary to talk about programme that is to say the combination of chip and sensor,when we buy dash cam.Now,there are have some popular chip in the market including Ambarella, Novatek, Allwinner.So, what are the advantages and drawback about these chips?

Ambarella chip is the leader of high-definition video industry.It have some characteristic such as low-power,high-quality HD and ultra HD video,advanced image processing and so on.With these characteristic, Ambarella solidify it's market location in functional camera. Ambarella chip can support HDRtechnology and without TV distortion phenomenon, which is the only company have these technology in this industry. The advantage of it  is  high stability and definition, while disadvantage is higher price and single camera only.

Novatek.It’s a kind of chip with affordable price and proven technique. Novatek is committed to making 720P all the time until 1080P was be made by Ambarella. After that the 720P market is occupied by 1080P,So, Novatek start to enter into 1080P market and NTK96650 is the representative of it.  Later,NTK96655 was put forward,which is the first chip supported dual cameras. Because of it’s affordable price ,NTK chip enjoy warm welcome.

Allwinner.The biggest characteristic of Allwinner chip is support dual cameras.In other words,one chip support dual camera. What’s more,the photograph collected by two cameras need to set in one screen. So, the dash cam with Allwinner chip is certainly dual lens dash cam .However,the biggest drawback of Allwinner chip is the worse video effect and low stability.

Three main sensor in market
As for sensor,there are three widespread used sensor including Sony, SamSung and OmniVision.

The feature of Sony sensor is high definition and quality. It have occupied camera’s market half land and it is the most biggest CMOS sensor supplier.

SamSung sensors always are applied to low-end market .

OV sensor is the second sensor supplier next to the Sony sensor.

Factors affecting image quality
The image quality is a crucial factor you need to consider when you  buy car DVR.There are some factors affect image quality, such as the size of photosensitive element , the material of camera, the quantity of camera lens as well as the type of aperture.T here is a misunderstanding when consider the image quality.Many people would think that the higher pixel,the better quality of image.But,the pixel is just the unit of resolution. Furthermore, the working life will be decreased and the video time of every single memory card will be also shorten with more higher pixel.

The decisive factor to image quality is the size of photosensitive element also can be called the size of CMOS orCCDS.Now the CMO sensor is used widely in the market .We can imagine that when there is a certain photosensitive element area ,the higher the pixel,the higher of density in photosensitive element. So,it is impossible to get clear picture.Oppositely,it can get more precisely pictures.

As far as aperture as concerned,the aperture is a kind of device which can control the amount of light enter into the camera. So,the bigger the aperture,the more the amount of light enter into the camera. The value of aperture is expressed by “F”. The smaller the value of “F”, the bigger the value of aperture.

There are have two kind of material used in camera. Generally speaking,the glass camera is heavy, while plastic camera is slim. But as for the quantity of camera lens,the more camera lens, the more stray light it can be filtered.So we can get clear picture.

The vision angle of dash cam
Last but not least,sellers would like to advertise its dash cam have bigger vision angle. But,please remember that it is not the fact that dash cam with bigger angle isn’t the better. We should keep something in mind that the bigger angle it have,the more compressed picture it will be. So,it would become distort,which effect the original shape of object severely. One of the example is the dash cam with NTK chip,the object would become distorted because it support wide angle. What’s wrose, the single point definition will be decreased with bigger wide angle. Therefore, it is important to have suitable vision angle for dash cam, in general,120 degree or 140 degree is better.

What affects the comprehensive reflection of dash cam
Besides,please pay attention to these .First,definition and night vision function are the comprehensive reflection of dash cam. But ,not just the chip will have influence on these performance, the sensor and camera lens will also bring effect to it. So,if you want to buy night vision dash cam,you should take this tip into consideration.

How do you buy memory card
Besides,when you buy memory card, you should remember these point.


First, the capacity of memory card. It depends on two factors.Above all,it depends on the maximum capacity support by your dash cam.Secondly,you can judge according to your driving time .Generally speaking,memory card with 8G can record one hour,16G can record two hour, 32G can record three hours .It can be chosen by your need.

Further more,please choose high speed memory card.The class represents the speed at which the dash cam can write to card. so, you should buy memory card with over class 6, otherwise, it can’t follow the read-write speed of HD video.

Last but not least,please remember that the smaller the capacity of memory card, the shorter the service life. Therefore, if you want to buy memory card by yourself , you must pay more attention on the selection of it.On basis of trusts that there are many 1080P dash cam in market, so it is best choice for you to buy memory card with 16GB.

Based on the explanation above, i think it is more clear for you to buy dash cam .Finally, i hope you can buy best quality dash cam for your car.

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