The Dual Lens Dash Cam With Good Heat Dissipation Shouldn't Be Missed



A growing number of drivers pay more and more attention to the heat dissipation performance of best car dash cam, as dash cam with poor heat dissipation will cause much unnecessary trouble to the drivers.
Firstly, excessive temperature will produce an effect on image sensor and lens performance, lead to the unclear video;
Secondly, in severe cases, it will even cause the death and downtime during the shooting process.
GS65H is the first dual lens dash cam launched by Azdome. It combines Novatek96655 chip and Sony IMX323 sensor; besides, it max supports 64GB TF card and supports multi-language including Polish and Russian, etc; the video resolution can reach 1920*1080P/30fps in single camera mode, and 1440*1080i+720P in dual camera mode.
azdome gs65h
In addition, the same as DAB211, GS65H also has powerful heat dissipation function, as is well-known that GS65H is a dual lens dash cam and the power dissipation is relatively high compared with other single lens dash cams. Therefore, Azdome specially designed numerous heat emission holes on both sides of the best car dash cam and around the front camera. These heat emission holes will effectively transfer the internal heat to the outside, which can release the heat produced due to excessive power consumption to ensure the normal operation of the dash cam, further avoid the death phenomenon of dash cam because of excessive heat in the case of long-time operation.
gs65h dash cam
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