Azdome DAB211 - one minute and forty seconds to connect GPS signal



What's the most popular small dash cams in 2017? Maybe different people have different views, DAB211 is undoubtedly one of the hottest dash cam whether in appearance, performance or price.

Equipped with Ambarella A12 chip, DAB211 solves the problem of video distortion phenomenon, showing people more real shot environment; 1440p ultra high definition gives us a HD visual feast; combined with the unique design of heat emission hole, DAB211 is worthy of the popular dash cam in 2017.

small dash cams
Azdome executed a full test of the GPS function of DAB211, from the test result, the GPS function works well, normally, it can search GPS signal within 2 minutes, and the connection speed is also very fast, currently the dash cam which can connect GPS signal within 2 minutes is relatively few, DAB211 can be counted as an excellent built-in GPS small dash cams.

About the
GPS player app, Azdome prepared two versions of Windows and Mac for us, we can head to the support page of Azdome official website to download. We can see from the screenshot of Windows system that there are speed and direction compass on the bottom right corner, and the top right corner is google map track( this software supports google map and Baidu map), and the left side is video interface.

small dash cams

small dash cams

Furthermore, DAB211 will offer you an attractive price, how much do you think the price of DAB211 is?

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