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  • abdulbologna

    I really like this 1080p dash cam recorder. You do have to purchase a micro SD card because it has no memory of its own which I didn't realize however once I got that I really have enjoyed the piece of mind that the dash cam provides me. It was easy to install in my car and I feel like it's sturdy and doesn't shake. I'm not afraid it's gonna fall and the picture quality is great (as you can see on other reviews). Luckily I haven't needed this, in the way of me getting in an accident for me seen an accident, however it gives me peace of mind to know that if anything were to happen I would have video footage of it. About a year ago I was driving on the freeway and a truck didn't have everything secure in its brd and a bunch of clothes flew out and were all over the freeway. Everyone was braking and swerving and I ended up getting in a wreck and because nobody got the plate number of the truck that lost all the clothes my insurance rates and when up. If I would have had this 1080p dash cam I would have been able to get the license plate of the truck and he would have had to pay for the damages of all the cars, not me. Hopefully it will never happen but if I get video clip of an accident I will be sure to add it to this review.

  • Alan Gardner

    I have been needing to get a dash cam for the protection of my car, insurance rates, and drivers license to prove I'm not guilty in the event of a traffic accident. I decided to go with this cam because it seems to be the one with the best reviews on the market and most bought. It came with all of the necessary equipment to plug it into my car, mount it, and get it setup. It mounted to my windshield with no problem and I was able to hide it behind my rear view mirror so it does not obstruct my view at all. The instruction manual is detailed and I played around with it for a little bit to understand exactly what all the features do. This 1080P dash cam turns on and off automatically with the car, so it takes no maintenance once it is setup. I just hop in and out of my car without fiddling with it. In the event of an accident (and I am hoping that never happens) I just pull the SD card out and load it onto my laptop. I will then send the clip to my insurance to prove my case. The video quality is great and is on par with what my iPhone does, so that has me really impressed. Overall, this is a great investment because just one accident proving me to not be at fault and it will save me a bunch of money by not having to pay for my premium and increasing my dues.

  • hio

    This 1080p dash cam automatically powers on when it has a current, and remains on if it loses power, but will switch to battery. When the battery gets low, it safely powers itself off. If the DC outlets in your car power on with ignition, then you can basically plug this in and forget about it. If you're a little bit more savvy with the wiring of a car, you could wire it up to power on when you start your car. For the cost, this thing is absolutely worth it. If you're going to be making any roadtrips, it's worth the purchase to have a little extra insurance while you're in unfamiliar territory, and if you bring a laptop with you, you could put every day's camera footage onto your computer and have some cool raw footage at the end of your trip!

  • bruce

    The camera mounted on the windshield window is very easy and stable, it looks pretty good, the important thing is the display is very clear even high speed at night. This one is my second time that purchase from this store, last time gave this driver recorder to my friend as birthday gift. Hope to insist doing such high quality products all the time. I like it very much.

  • megen

    I purchased this camera to record and verify events that might happen while on the road. I've only had this for a week or so, but I will say the video quality is very good. It arrived promptly, packaged very well and I am very satisfied with my purchase.It's a sweet package - camera, mount, two 3M stickers,scar charger, USB cable and cords all in one box.. I am not the most tech savy person but had no trouble with set up in the car or playback on my computer.. Wide field of view to capture anything coming from the front side of the vehicle, particularly important at intersections.

  • Allen

    I bought the dash cam for recording what might happen while driving. The video quality is quite good promptly and clearly.It is well packed with camera, 3M stickers,charger, USB cable and cords all in one box. I had no trouble toset up in my car or collect with my laptop.Wide field of good and clear view to capture everything coming from front side.it is really safe.

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