AZDOME GS63H 4k/24fps dash camAZDOME GS63H novatek96660 chipset
AZDOME GS63H can gps track
4k dash camAZDOME GS63H with g-sensorAZDOME GS63H 150° wide angle lens
AZDOME GS63H dashcam with wifiAZDOME GS63H suction mountAZDOME GS63H 2.4 inch screen
AZDOME GS63H customer services 4k dash cam product parameters


1. Date/Time Setting

2. Method of updating the latest firmware

3. GPS Player for GS63H

4. Format Micro SD Card

5. Solution for Video play at a faster speed








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  • ck40711

    I had a 1080p dash camera that I loved, but recently purchased a 4K TV so naturally I wanted to get a 4K dash cam. This one was being offered at just under $80 which for 4K I thought was a pretty good price considering I paid over $120 for my previous 1080p model. I loaded a video (not sure how it will look on Amazon after the upload) but let me tell you the quality of this dash cam is amazing. Below are a couple of the things I liked about it when comparing it to my previous 1080p dash cam. (1) The suction cup has a twist knock to lock and unlock it (which is a nice feature for getting it tight and easily taking it down) (2) The 4K video quality is amazing, far nicer than the 1080p. You don't need a 4K TV to notice it either. . . I can tell the clarity difference just watch the videos on my computer. (3) The charge cord it comes with is the same size as what Garmin uses. So if you are like me and also have a Garmin GPS in your car, you can use the same cable (vs. having a separate cable to have to figure out where to plug it in). (4) This item can easily rotate up and down as well as full 360, so if you want to video something on the side or behind you it is possible (you are not just limited to what is in front). (5) It has a built in GPS, which is so awesome. No matter where you are the video will show your location and it shows it on the screen. (6) It shows the speed you are driving. . . again, another awesome feature (especially if you get pulled over for speeding). Using it out of the box, the default is 3 minute videos before producing a new file. It does not come with a micro SD card so that you have to buy yourself :(. I put a 16GB card in mine and it holds just over 2 hours of video. Really cool product, I am buying one for my dad I like it so much. I hope this review helped but feel free to ask me any questions if you need to.

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