ambarella dsah cam dab211

night vision dab211

dab211 gps
dab211 hdr

DAB211 over speed warning

dab211 adjustable lens

dab211 adas

hidden design dab211dab211 g-sensor

dab211 wide angle

dab211 image no distortion

dab211 parking monitor
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  • gite

    Very nice car camera!!This hd dash cam was a breeze to install. Very easy. The pictures are so clear. The buttons are very easy to use and it comes with everything you need to get it going. In perfect lighting the image is acceptable and would be useful should there be an incident while driving.It's automatic and starts when the car starts so you don't have to mess with it. This should be standard equipment on all cars now of days. A happy purchase!!

  • yung

    This is a great hd dash cam and the customer is outstanding. I bought the camera because my wife had a couple of accidents that were not her fault. There is no better way to settle a dispute than having a video record of what transpired. I also had a bad experience with a local cop. I wish that I had been able to record that incident. Most lawmen are courteous and professional but not all are. Sooner or later we all will probably have a need for a hd dash cam. This is a good one.

  • Grace

    I'm very impressed with this hd dash cam. Very wide field of view and high quality video. The audio works well too. Easy to set up and it comes with a very long cord. I also like how you can easily remove the dash cam from the mount.The only thing that is a little difficult is getting the MicroSD card out of the slot. I need to use a pin to push it in far enough for it to eject, but it's not a big problem since removing the hd dash cam from the mount is very easy and you can just hook it up using the USB cord to transfer files.

  • Jiwan Guragain

    I was extremely impressed with the quality of the video and audio and the ease of use. You need to purchase an SD card (not included) however this gives you the option on the size of the memory card. The loop feature allows the video to be recorded over with the oldest portion being re-recorded first. The instructions were simple and straightforward. Having a second mount (not included) would allow you to transfer the hd dash cam between multiple vehicles.

  • Linda Jordan

    Just got this today and it is the new orange box version with the newer firmware. It also has the ball socket window mount, which is ten times better then the old one. I was only able to play around in the menu and format my memory card so no actual drive time yet. I will give it a full test tomorrow with an hour long drive to work. This model did not come with the HDMI cable or any memory cards, not a deal breaker for me. I did purchase a Transend 32g Class 10 card from Amazon to use with it. The Transend cards are getting good reviews on the DashCamReview website so I am giving it a shot.I will return to this review and update it once I have some extensive testing with the hd dash camera.UPDATE: (March 20, 2014)I have found this camera to be reliable and the footage is amazing. The class 10 card works flawlessly with no dropped frames or sluggish response. I would recommend the camera to anyone looking to record their drives. The suction cup mount is very strong and does not move once mounted. The power cord is long so no worries about being able to place the hd dash camera anywhere. The WDR feature provides for very rich colors in the sky. Night time footage is really good and the cameras ISO doesn't get boosted so far that noise is overpowering. I do recommend a polarizing filter to reduce glare, you can find them on Amazon.

  • Ricardo Hamilton

    Okay, so I had some issues with this thing.First, the video recordings were terribly overexposed. The video would be practically fully whited out when I went to view them, so the product was unusable. I contacted support, feeling pessimistic about the product, and was met by some of the best customer service I have ever encountered from an electronics company (Shout out to Cathy). They were incredibly fast to respond, and offered me a firmware update for my camera with detailed instructions that made the fix a breeze. And much to my surprise, it fixed the problem immediately! The picture quality is great!Second, this camera is a fixed mount set up. This means that wherever you stick the mount for the device becomes its permanent home on your windshield. Well, when placing my camera, I did not account for my windshield wipers and the area they cover. I ended up putting the mount in a location that meant part of the picture was not reached by the tips of my wiper blades, meaning that when it rains, my camera is obstructed by rain water for the whole trip. So again, embarrassed, I reached out to support to ask about how to move the old mount or about getting a new mount that I could place at a different part of my windshield. Again, I was met by incredible customer service (And again, thanks Cathy!). I was informed that while they didn't have mounts in stock at the time, they would be happy to send me a new one ASAP. Without even a reply from me, they went ahead and mailed the replacement mount to my home with quick shipping. Now the camera is set up exactly as I want it and it works great.Things to keep in mind: This is a fixed mount camera, so you wont be able to rotate it to look at things not covered by its fixed view zone. Second, the camera does split all recordings into short 5 minute clips. This makes downloading quicker if you ever need to document something, but it also means dealing with a lot of video clips in the memory card. Lastly, the '' download functionality is EXTREMELY frustrating at times. It's hard to keep the connection and signal going for multiple transfers, so I fully recommend just bringing the memory card to the computer. None of these issues are so big that they invalidate how well this product works, though.

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