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usb type c hub

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macbook usb c hub





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  • jojo

    I got the USB type-c hub for my daughter for university to use with her MacBook, she is happy with it as it has so many different ports that she can use so she can connect her printer and other media when using her MacBook which is so convenient, it is also reasonably priced for a nifty gadget.Only selling $43.99.

  • mool

    It's nice to have a powered Pass through USB C port to connect your power adapter...this makes it so that you only need to plug just one cable to your mac just like those other more elaborate dock set ups. This is important to consider since if you don't have a power passthrough USB port, you'd be forced to use up 2 ports just to get your everyday stuff done. The short corded cable also allows you to use this to work around the exterior case. The type of adapters that don't use a short cable to connect will force you to block 2 ports and they don't work well with Macbook covers on. This design allows you to use just one port WITH the covers on intact. This is the better way to go.

  • rutel

    This is a very novel auxiliary. Perfect for my MacBook Pro. When I opened the product, the color and functionality of the product surprised me. I think this product is enough to meet the normal use of people. Has two USB 3.0 and Ethernet Ports, and HDMI. I think this product is especially handy. If there is a chance, I will recommend my classmates to buy one.

  • pole

    Versatile, especially useful product, good quality! After reading all these reviews, I caved in and purchased this usb c hub for my brother as a holiday gift. He studies for programming so he is into technology. I think it would make a perfect Christmas gift for anybody who uses computer on a daily basis. It simplifies connecting other devices to a computer. It is not bulky and very compact. I also read it won't get heated with all this performance, so we will see what my brother thinks of. So far, my take on that is positive. Definitely recommend it for the holiday gifting.

  • migl

    High quality product with all the ports I need, especially the HDMI and Ethernet ports, as shown in the photos, you know how fast the internet will be with the Ethernet compared to WiFi. Very stable performance with all these ports together. Highly recommended!

  • neill

    Perfect tool for business people. Its like all in one and everything you need. Easy to connect to USB-C and get extra USB storage outlets, charging outlets, etc.. Also connects HDMI cable or any storage card you may have. This purchase made my office everyday routine so much easier.