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  • wenl

    I purchased this charging pad for my brand new iPhone X as I've owned Azdome products in the past and always have trusted their quality. I'm on the fence with this product though, as in the first week I purchased it, it would only charge my phone up to 60% overnight, leaving me with a not fully charged phone in the morning when it was time to leave for work. I thought it might just be a fluke and decided to just keep using it - after about a week of using it, it was finally charging my phone fully. Now, for the last two days, it has again not been fully charging my phone and I've been waking up to a phone charged to 60%. I haven't done anything differently, and I'm not sure what the issue is. I'd love some feedback from the seller if there might be a way to remedy the pad not fully charging my phone.

  • rolie

    Charges my iPhone 8 with an otter box commuter case on. It does take a bit more time to charge my phone than using the cable but it's so worth the convenience. This company also has outstanding customer service. When I got the first one I got didn't work they kept in communication with me, sent a new one, and followed up to make sure everything worked okay.

  • bulle

    I love the design of the charging pad, and even more so, how simple it is. It almost feels like I'm skipping a step or two when charging my phone (iPhone X) now. It's aesthetically pleasing, beyond easy to use, and works great. For the past two weeks, I charge my phone on it at home every night, waking up to a fully charged phone. I have not tested how much charge I get out of 30-60 minutes of charging. If you're contemplating getting a Qi charging pad before the Apple one comes out, don't hesitate to get this one from Azdome!

  • pouie

    I bought this wireless charger for my new iPhone 8 Plus. This is my first experience with wireless charging so when I see one of the companies I trust makes wireless charges there was only one choice. No complaints here. It's obviously not going to be as fast as using a cable, but if you need to top off your battery before you go out or something like that it works great. No heating issues and yes, it works perfectly fine if you have a case on your phone.

  • jhonel

    this charger works very well with my iPhone 8plus. Even with the thin spigen case on, it charges my phone.. just gotta make sure is centered and wait for the quick feedback that is charging. then leave it for about 2-3 hours and is fully charged and it lasts as when charged with the apple cable.

  • bluce

    I purchased this for my new iPhone X as I'm all too familiar with lightning cable drama! I've been using the Azdome Wireless Charger Pad for the last 6 weeks. The pad itself is lightweight and it has a non-slip grip surface so it doesn't slide easily off my nightstand nor does the phone slip easily off the pad if bumped. I have a clear Gear4 case on my phone and it charges on the pad with no problem, as long as the phone is placed squarely on the pad so that the blue charging light illuminates. At bedtime the other night, I set my phone on the pad but didn't have it aligned quite right and I woke up to 13% battery...bummer. I had to dig up a lightning cable so I could charge on the go...lesson learned.