M02 car dvr dash camera recorderAzome M02 car dvr dash camera Azome M02 car dvr dash camera recorderM02 dash cam recorder
M02 car dash camera recorder
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  • mallr

    The dash camera qualityvery good, no matter during the day or at night, you can get the license plate very clearly. And the dash cam has a urla wide angle lens, which can take the maximum range of cars on both sides of the road. Easy to cover 4 lanes, avoiding all kinds of dead corner, and gets the full view. 1、Great picture. 2、Very small. 3、Best suction cup I have ever used. 5、The cord really is easy to install and hide. 5、Intuitive

  • reloe

    This is the best car dvr dash camera I've ever had! Really good quality at a great price. Very light weight but durable. The dash cam's function are very comprehensive, and the effect is also good, and with time lapse technology.You can take some amazing landscapes.

  • coule

    This time lapse dash cam is easy to install & use, & to my eye the video is crisp & clear but I'm really writing this review to praise Azdome's customer service: they recently contacted me because they'd found a potential issue in my camera (one of the very 1st ones sold). Although I hadn't experienced any problems, they shipped me a replacement & I shipped my original back. But when I shipped mine back I forgot to remove the SD card. I emailed them back to ask if there was any way they could track it down. That was obviously really unlikely & they weren't able to find it, but they sent me a free SD card replacement! I didn't expect that at all as it was clearly my fault for losing it, but they really went above & beyond.

  • rubee

    This car DVR dash cam is a time lapse dash cam, meaning 30 times longer recording time on your microSD card, which makes it great when you drive at night. The lens of the camera is no laughing matter, and it produces some extremely clear visual qualities. License plates are easy to read, it has a 150-degree viewing angle, and the low light is spectacular for a camera in this price range. Reflections don't distort image quality during the night.

  • fiance

    Great time-lapse dash camera. It sticks right to the windshield and is completely out of the way. It's also easy to pull off the mount if you need to remove it for some reason. The car DVR camera is easy to set up and use. Videos are crystal clear and the dash cam has a very wide viewing angle to capture everything going on in front of you. Overall, I'm very happy with the camera and would highly recommend it.

  • joee

    I purchased one car DVR dash camera for car, the product installed easily, and the video looks great. then purchased a second for my wife. I love these! It gives me peace of mind, especially as son just began driving and there are many poor drivers on the road. Once you set it up, you can forget all about it. It turns on when you start the car and turns off when you turn off the car. The recordings loop so you lose the older recordings but always have space. One caveat - if you have the sensitive set to medium or above so that recordings are "locked" when a bump (e.g., closing a door) is sensed, and once you have many locked recordings the amount of free space is limited. I turned the sensitivity of both to low to reduce this. I also check both cameras periodically to confirm that they are recording.

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