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  • shour

    The waterproof Bluetooth speaker excellent sound and just feels quality. Syncs flawlessly and very quick. I write and record music of my own, so I have a fair amount of experience with speaker sound. The sound quality is great and everything you would expect for the price tag this carries. Everything is clear and full, lows, mids, highs, and get plenty loud. The charge holds for a ridiculously long time and the range is exceptionally long. I purchasing the waterproof Bluetooth speaker that would be out in the weather elements such as the beach, camping, etc. It gets a lot of use around the house, while showering, cooking etc. the Bluetooth speaker loud enough for a small party and I have read reviews that anyone can sync up to it such as someone nearby, it has not occured and I do like the ability for multiple phones to control it throughout the day/night. Good purchase, well built quality product.

  • soctter

    The only other Bluetooth speaker I have to compare this to is the Beats Pill, and oh my goodness this waterproof Bluetooth speaker gets LOUD. It starts distorting maybe at 98% volume, but its not bad, and I cant imagine a scenario where you'd listen to this at 100% volume (if you need it at 100% you should just get a regular speaker that's plugged in to the wall). It has great Bass, great highs, and good mids. If I HAVE to criticize it, I'd say it's not the best speaker if you're listening to a podcast or audio book, the voices get a bit muddy, but this isn't anywhere near a deal breaker. 9/10, this speaker is loud, rigid, and waterproof.

  • nocek

    I am IN LOVE with the Bluetooth speaker. I hunted high and low for the perfect portable speakers and I really can't imagine them being any better. The bass is *fantastic* and it has amazingly full sound for size, and sounds twice as good as my buddy's Bose soundlink color (at about half the price, and I genuinely do mean it's better. I'd prefer these if they were the same price.) This Bluetooth speaker really can't go wrong, and you won't be disappointed with either no matter what you listen to, but if you're really trying to optimize for the absolute best experience: If you like strong bass: electronic, hip-hop, etc, get the charge, it's amazing. If you like clarity in mids and highs, guitars, etc: Rock, country, go with the flip. You really won't regret either, but that's a good guideline. You will LOVE the Bluetooth speakers, especially at this great price. Couldn't recommend these highly enough. Seems to have a good battery life, as well.