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  • barise

    This little guy has been such a huge surprise and I am thrilled with it! I wanted it to use with my android phone 3.5mm aux or laptop when I'm cleaning or cooking (Pandora and Netflix reruns). I'm not a fan of Bluetooth because of battery usage but wanted that as an option too. This mini Bluetooth speaker is my workhorse whenever we dance on the street. Battery life is excellent, build is rugged, and the sound quality is ample for outdoors. Great companion during beach parties and BBQ's as well. It’s quite pretty.

  • vovekr

    The Bluetooth speaker sound is very good. The quality of materials on this speaker is also excellent. The Bluetooth speaker's hand feels good and solid. And it's so mini that you can take it very portable. The best part is that you won’t need to use it very much because the battery life is amazing.

  • jarose

    For such a mini Bluetooth speaker has a great quality sound and loud as well. Has an elegant outlook. Very nice and neat looking. Very easy to transport. An awesome Bluetooth speaker for the money and the size. I cannot say enough good things about this little speaker. It is small in size but has a comparatively big and full sound. This is of course not meant to compare to a Sonos, Bose or other high end speaker but it shouldn’t be so. I listen to both music and podcasts through this little gem and can find nothing whatsoever to complain about in its performance, versatility or price. You will not go wrong buying this as a great little speaker more than capable of filling a room or couple of rooms with quality sound. Very nice speaker.

  • jaker

    I just got the mini Bluetooth speaker but wow! How can something so small put out so much power! It fits in the palm of my hand! Can't speak of its durability yet but I'm a delivery driver so I will be putting it to the test. Hope it can take it as I'm really impressed with it so far! nd very durable! I listen to podcasts all day long during my delivery day in a pretty loud truck and this is little speaker that can! I've dropped it a couple of times on a metal floor and still works. I charge it nightly with no noticable loss of battery life. I use the Bluetooth on my phone to connect. I'm truly satisfied. When this one stops working, I will buy another one without hesitation.