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  • Ahmad

    This Bluetooth adapter is very convenient and intuitive. I hate plugging my cell phone to the aux cord and prefer the Bluetooth feature. After the first pairing, when I leave my car, come back and turn the receiver back on, it auto pairs with my phone in less than a second and I can immediately start listening to music.

  • sate

    My car stereo does not have Bluetooth functionality, but it does have an AUX jack. I plugged this into the AUX jack, and just keep the charging cable plugged into a USB charging adapter, in the car, all the time (never have to worry about the battery running out, that way). I do occasionally have to switch the device off, and back on, to reconnect my phone to it (if I have been out of the car for a while), but that is not a big deal. I have also gotten to use it, for hands-free calling. It works quite well for that, too.

  • godat

    I really like this Bluetooth adapter, it's a great little gadget for streaming music from my iPhone through my car speakers without having to beat up my Iphone's headset jack. I'm very happy with this product. I may even buy another.

  • steven

    I love the Bluetooth adapter. I am a commuter. I spend approximately 2-hours in my car each day, going to, and coming home from work. I like to listen to podcasts on my phone to keep me awake during the boring drives. This receiver works perfectly. I've had it now for two weeks and have listened to podcasts with it for approximated 10-hours. Amazingly, it is still on the first charge right out of the box. I as of yet have had to charge it. I have had no issues with the receiver losing signal, and my phone Bluetooth connects to the unit automatically the instant I turn the device on. The sound quality is perfect. I am very happy with this purchase.