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  • bluer

    I bought it from a friend's recommendation, who just had an accident and thankfully that he had this dual dash cam to prove his innocence. This is my first dash cam and I wish I got it earlier. It's very easy to install and give me peace of mind. The front camera can work alone without hooking up the rear camera. I'll figure out how to install the rear camera later. The video quality is pretty good. And the SD card gives a pretty decent amount of recording time. I like this product and just recommended it to my friends.

  • pelson

    I had an experience with a different model unit before I got this one. The screen gave up on me. Then I got this unit. All I have left is to confirm on durability. The rest is the best experience ever. This unit goes on immediately after turning the car on, (kind of basic). And, the screen is huge(nice). Then it's a touchscreen, so you don't go crazy trying to fight about where are the dorn controls, You don't even need to find a spot on the windshield. It replaces the original rearview mirror. The graphic is just nice, including during night time view. It's like they thought of every detail on This model. I'm glad to get the dual dash cam.